What would you do with $125 million dollars? 

Carr says he's headed to Chick-fil-A

The Sports Dish
June 23, 2017 - 1:45 pm

What would you do with $125 million dollars? Well if you’re Raider’s QB Derek Carr you might stop by Chick-fil-A and pick up lunch. That’s exactly what the Raiders franchise QB said in his first press conference as the highest paid player in the NFL.  He also said he plans on doing something nice for his wife, who apparently is just as grounded as he is.

“She still gets coupons, ever since I’ve known her she finds coupons, she gets on-line trying to find discounts and all those things"

Carr also expressed the importance of having an opportunity to help those in need.

“The exciting thing for me, money-wise, honestly, is that this money is going to help a lot of people.”

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