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MLB to host Food Fest featuring all 30 teams

Grashoppers, Brisket-Acho, Cheeto-lote...Hungry?

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March 13, 2018 - 2:30 pm

This one’s for the taste buds! 

If you are a fan of ball park food then this is the event for you. MLB is holding it’s first annual Food Fest on April 21 and 22, in New York. Food will be featured from all 30 teams, and you can expect the dishes to be more of the non-traditional variety.

Both the A’s and Giants will be featured, A’s will be serving Monte Khrush Davis Cristo, which is a ham, turkey, cheese sandwich, covered in strawberry preserves and served between Belgian Waffles.  As for the Giants, they will be serving the Crazy Crab Sandwich (a fan favoirte) featuring Dungeness crabmeat with mayo, tomatoes and garlic butter on sourdough bread. 

Tickets are $25 pre person and incude a sample of all 30 items and soda, and for $40 dollars you can sample all the food and includes beer for those over 21.

Tickets can be purchased at

Check out this tweet from ESPN's Darren Rovell! 


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