Rick Barry: 'Kevin Durant is unguardable'

Warriors great talks KD and Klay

Karl Buscheck
June 16, 2017 - 1:56 pm

A day after riding directly behind Kevin Durant's bus in the championship parade, Warriors legend Rick Barry joined Greg Papa and Bonta Hill on “The Greg Papa Show” on 95.7 Dubs Radio and offered some lofty praise for the Bill Russell MVP Award winner.

“If you're realistic about this, Kevin Durant is unguardable,” Barry declared. “There is nothing you can do ever have a chance to stop him from doing what he wants to do because of his versatility. He can shoot the three. So now you can't back off him. So now you play him honest. Well, he can go by you — especially the big guy.”

“It's an impossibilty to do anything and then the guy can make free throws,” Barry explained. “He hits the midrange pull-up jump shot. How do you guard this guy? You cannot guard this man. He is incredible. In fact, he's probably more difficult than LeBron (James) because of the fact of his shooting skills.”

Barry also discussed the departure of former exectutive board member Jerry West and weighed in on whether the Logo might try to lure Klay Thompson to the Los Angeles Clippers when he becomes a free agent.

“I hope not,” Barry said when asked if he was worried about the possibility. “I think he likes to win and do stuff. He's making so much money anyway it doesn't matter. I hope he just decides he wants to stay over here. I would hate to see him go down over there. I'd hate to see that happen.”

Check out Papa and Bonta's full interview with Barry in the podcast below:

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