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Three takeaways from 49ers win over Giants

C.J. Beathard shines, 49ers earn first victory of 2017

John Dickinson
November 12, 2017 - 10:07 pm

That’s what the 49ers offense can look like?

A rushing attack for nearly 200 yards? A quarterback throwing for nearly 300 with a 123.4 rating and a rushing touchdown? An offensive line protecting its quarterback and giving him time to take deep shots down the field that go for touchdowns?

Sunday was a perfect example of what Kyle Shanahan’s offensive system could look like with more talent and consistency. The creativity has been there throughout the season but the lack of talent in addition to all the injuries has left Shanahan’s offense looking disjointed and incomplete.

Once the 49ers get more offensive pieces assembled this system will begin to put pressure on opposing defenses in ways Shanahan’s top ranked offense of 2016 did in helping to lead the Atlanta Falcons to the Super Bowl.

C.J. Beathard may have passed the torch but showed he can be a capable backup and maybe more.

Kyle Shanahan disputed the ESPN report that said the 49ers plan is to start Jimmy Garoppolo after the bye week against the Seahawks saying the plan is to continue to get Garoppolo up to speed and then let he and C.J. Beathard battle it out on the practice field.

Regardless of exactly when Garoppolo takes over, (I still think it will be November 26 vs. Seattle) C.J. Beathard showed at the very least he could be a solid tough minded backup QB that can run a team competently and even win a if he had to step on a more talented team.

Coaches and players lauded his toughness after taking 16 hits in last week’s game against Arizona and praised his improved command of the offense in his 19-for-25 for 288 yards and two touchdowns performance against the Giants. Beathard also rushed for another touchdown in the win.

Jimmy Garoppolo may or may not be the 49ers starting quarterback of the future but C.J. Beathard definitely can be the backup and possibly even a starter down the line in his career somewhere if he continues to grow at the position under Shanahan’s guidance.

This team wanted and needed win BADLY

For all the talk about tanking and guaranteeing a top selection in the 2018 draft, there’s no way going 0-16 in the first season with Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch running the organization at could have been viewed as a positive.

You can’t preach progress to younger players without showing progress otherwise the message becomes stale and a positive culture quickly dissipates. A young team needs a reward to show their hard work is paying off and to continue to work and grow.

There was a palpable sense of joy and relief in the 49ers locker room after the game to get that first win out of the way, regardless of how long it took to earn or if it’s likely to be the only one for the 2017 season. From veterans like Joe Staley or Garrett Celek or Carlos Hyde to rookies like Reuben Foster or Adrian Colbert or Kendrick Bourne, there was for one afternoon a taste of what the future may hold, what the franchise could look like once things get on track.

That feeling doesn’t exist without a win Sunday. And that feeling might not have existed until 2018 and that wouldn’t have benefited anyone.

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