EXCLUSIVE: Myers refuses to rule out Finals return for Kerr

Warriors GM provides full update on Kerr

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
June 01, 2017 - 2:50 pm

Golden State Warriors president of basketball operations and general manager Bob Myers doesn't expect to have head coach Steve Kerr on the sidelines for Game 1 of the NBA Finals. 

During his weekly appearance with Greg Papa and Bonta Hill on "The Greg Papa Show" on 95.7 Dubs Radio, Myers addressed an array of Kerr-related topics, including recent reports that the club's coach would be on the bench for Game 1.

"No. Not as of right," Myers said. "Again, I don't begrudge anybody for reporting anything, but that's not where we are organizationally. And just so you know, as a friend, and the fact that I'm on your show, we aren't going to hesitate to — this is not going to be a secret that we hold onto and surprise everybody with to trick anyone. If he can coach, when we make that determination, we'll let everyone know and we won't be slow about it, I imagine." 

"But it will be status quo. I think no news is probably meaning he's not coaching. We'll be proactive in that announcement. We have no reason not to be, for a variety of reasons. Obviously our players want to know and I don't think the Cavs are going to prepare any differently for us whether Steve coaches or not. We will be the ones that will have to have some lead time into that more than anybody else. So, that's not the case, and again, I didn't see what was said or how it was said. When you say, 'He might coach,' I could say that for any of the next six games. So, of course, you can look at that in many different ways but right now Mike [Brown] is coaching the game."

Asked if Kerr could return later in the series, Myers left the door open. 

"I think we keep that card in play would be my thinking," Myers said. "And the way that this decision is driven — the only way this decision is driven — is what is best for our team. That's it. You have to focus on only that. And if it's determined that it's the best thing for our team and he's capable, then that's something you have to look very hard at and probably I'd be I favor of. But again,  [that] requires a lot as far as what game that is, how he feels. So it's a lot of hypotheticals, but to rule him out, I guess if we were going to rule him out, I'd tell you he's ruled out and nobody said that. That's not something that we're going to say at this point, clearly, and we'll see how things progress. Mostly, how he progresses, to be honest. Is he able to? And then you make that determination when you have to.

"I wish for him that I could sit here and say, 'We're debating that. He's feeling really good — it's a close call.' But I can't say that. I wish that for reasons beyond the 2017 NBA Finals. I wish that for him and his family and I can't imagine where he is now not being able to coach. You can't. I can't. No one listening. No one can understand what he's going through right now but him. And I wish for him that he wasn't going through it. Just as a human being and a friend that he was not being faced with this.

"In your career we all have pinnacles, in mine, and to be on the precipice of that and not be able to do it.  I can only imagine because it hasn't happened to me. But I can only imagine the difficulty of that."

Listen in on the whole interview right here:

Bob Myers on Game 1 of the Finals

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