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Xfinity from the sidelines: Post Game of Thrones, our watch has ended!

Afternoon host Damon Bruce and KPIX's Michelle Griego join Gianna Franco to recap Season 8 of GOT.

Gianna Franco
May 20, 2019 - 4:24 pm

It has finally come to and end, the last episode of HBO's Game of Thrones aired Sunday night and we now know who sits on the Iron Throne. We waited a year-and-a-half to find out, now the question is, was season 8 worth the wait? Was it epic or an epic failure? Damon and I have been doing a Post Game of Thrones for years, recapping each season's episode, and now our watch has ended.  What do we think? Listen to our final Post Game of Thrones to find out! Also joining me is Game of Thrones super fan, KPIX 5's Morning Anchor Michelle Griego, who gives her thoughts on the final season. Full disclaimer: Spoiler alert, don't listen if you have not seen the final season...but, if you here: 


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