49ers win with low-risk trade

A 2nd-round pick is mere peanuts for Potential Franchise Quarterback

Dan Dibley
October 31, 2017 - 12:07 pm

The first big boot has dropped in the San Francisco 49ers quest for NFL relevance as they have traded a 2nd round pick in the 2018 draft to New England for backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

The lightly used Eastern Illinois alum will either be a gigantic bust, a heroic signal caller, or something in between. The 49ers will spend the remainder of this season determining just what they have in Jimmy G and then can decide to either cut him, franchise tag him, or turn him loose into free agency.

Prevailing wisdom would tell you that they are going to keep him long term, signing him to a five-year deal that would be co-terminus with the deals given to coach Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch.

Worst case scenario is Garoppolo doesn’t play well and the Niners decide to let him go to free agency, thus costing them only a 2nd round pick; one of two they have heading into the draft.

If in fact they have found their franchise quarterback, then they have great flexibility in the upcoming draft. They’ll likely be picking in the top 3; a prime spot for those teams looking to trade up in order to get a FQB (Franchise Quarterback).

The 49ers will be able to either a) use the pick on a top RB, OL, or pass rusher, or b) trade back in the 1st round to acquire more picks, thus being even more able to add players to a roster devoid of depth.

There is virtually no downside to acquiring Garoppolo for their 2nd round pick. If he plays well, the team is better and they win more games. If he flames out, they’ve only burned one draft pick and can still set their sights on the 2018 NFL draft to find the elusive signal-caller.​

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