All Done with Aldon Smith


Damon Bruce
March 10, 2017 - 1:49 pm


I can’t even count the collective hours we’ve spent talking about Aldon Smith. But the conversation now needs to come to its jarring end after seeing the video following his latest release from a police station. You don’t need to be a substance abuse specialist to see a man still under the influence of … something. And now, it’s time for the Oakland Raiders to end the relationship. 


The Raiders should cut Aldon Smith, if nothing more to finally let the man hit rock bottom. It seems to be the only option left to save him. Rock bottom is a scary place, and maybe THAT scare, would finally get him to take a mental inventory of his problems. To this point, no other option has worked. Aldon needs to hold himself accountable, and take a real close look at his inner circle. People he thinks are his friends, are no friends at all. They’re enablers, who drag him down a spiral that seems to have no end. Does trouble find him? Does he find trouble? It no longer matters.   

Oakland has a young core of young pro-bowlers who should be in the headlines, not a suspended player that's hardly played a lick in silver & black. They’ve done everything they could to “stand by their player”, and in return, the player has embarrassed them over and over again. It’s impossible to see Aldon Smith being allowed to return to the field, and players who’ll never play again, should be cut. It’s just that simple. What comes next for Aldon, won’t be simple at all. 

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