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Andre Iguodala surprises the KBLX Dream Team

Warriors forward addresses free agency and asks for respect

Connor Smith
June 20, 2017 - 11:47 am

Andre Iguodala surprised our sister station KBLX with an impromptu call in. Andre told the Dream Team he listens every morning on his way to yoga and went on to address his pending free agency, "I'ma let my people do their jobs." He went on to ask people to be respectful of the fact he hasn't said anything yet and that he's been busy taking care of his newborn baby. 


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Tuesday, June 20th

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JB I alleged that morning. Good Morning America and on the line and that it could be anywhere champion Bob Beriault friend that. At eagle. Alan why didn't the dream team radius. As of good about being honest and every morning outcome is he ever really going to yoga so. I'm mad why wizards I'm like yeah you yelled at him. EA yeah. I'm getting older so he got to do everything. Through thought and it in my hands narcotic trade oh yeah. Pat Russell simmons' big on it. So I admit I know if we have a judge to ground and you floating around he had men on 101 of all congratulations from the drilling program. Tired I could be and we came out to the Braves and a bit about what may have for a piece of you aren't we had a bet with the radio station in Cleveland and you know I have do you guys came out victorious that he did we won the bed but now. A radius Asian personality in Cleveland has to walk the streets in a romper alive on Facebook so. Not a relevant and in that our men and I had that there are murdered yes thank you are winning so we ain't got to walk about down the streets of Oakland when it happens is that the fact that a and so on clearly doctor yeah that's what you what. Say to the people of the Bay Area man about the Gupta about the season man. And hopefully make you gonna stay in the Bay Area Manny get more championships we can be that day. Yeah I mean. It was a great year note they have remained like oligarchs have been they've been amazed if they want so there's one term bank Christiane. Much he made really appreciate it the parade was amazing. Every everything's bigger in you know. It biblically got you dude dude did you do it being. Goes but. You know debated the Braves it's special to me so you know you know you always want that to. Call it you or your your. Perfect situation and you hope we don't get it done so Alabama people do their job and but his lawyer but it could be you know respectful of that and not get too emotional but it has nothing in it upgraded at anything so. Under the law that I'm violent act or that well without Foley didn't. New board of their own try to be good. Is okay yeah. Got the baby baby girl. That. I'm gonna think about your slate and also under you know back in Chicago we do a lot of work together a lot of people don't know Andre doesn't low. Of charity work a lot of community based on one side is when religion domain you know we're down here now have to be if you need for any thing doesn't know you're always working in the community. Just give us a comment you know who's going to be there for humans and am once again congratulations thank you have taken out he is scheduled to give us tomorrow. He's come to the states to. Opt out but it or got yup pale dilemma what did we draft from the man. Are a lot Andre legal battle. The. If the traditional who took the win. Yeah. 858. Point nine.

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