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For One Start, Matt Cain Turns Back the Clock (Sorta)

Cain earns himself another start with a strong performance against Royals

Bonta Hill
April 19, 2017 - 5:46 pm

The vibe around the San Francisco Giants hasn’t necessarily been a gleeful one, and how could it with the way the first two weeks of the season has gone.

After a 2-5 road trip to start the 2017 campaign, the orange and black watched their best player get beaned in the head with a 94-mph fastball and left fielder Jarrett Parker break his right collarbone after slamming into the outfield wall while making a spectacular catch. Oh, and manager Bruce Bochy just had a minor heart procedure.

And I didn’t even get to Jeff Samardzija and Matt Moore. Or Derek Law. Or Brandon Belt’s struggles at the plate. Yes, this season has gotten off to a dismal start, however, Matt Cain - who seems like he’s pitching for his career every fifth day - literally pitched his ass off in Kansas City.

Cain tossed seven innings of four-hit, one-run ball as the Giants escaped with a 2-1 win. Now, the overall numbers point to more struggles for the former ace, a workhorse that was a guarantee to produce quality starts. We may not see too many outings from Cain like we did last night, but heck, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate his workmanlike performance.

Wasn’t quite a “blast from the past” performance, but with the black cloud that has hovered over this team for the first two weeks of the season, Cain’s outing was a much needed lift for a team sputtering out of the gate.

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