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Red Carpet Review

The NBA’s version of the Oscars

Anna Kagarakis
June 27, 2017 - 10:50 am

The rookie year of the NBA Awards Show is in the books! The evening had its ups and downs but in the end, it was a fun night with the potential of becoming  a great event with experience.

Like any great Hollywood award show, stars in the industry strut their stuff on the red carpet, and NBA stars from the past and present showed off some classy and a few interesting looks while talking to the media. Now I’ll be honest, I didn’t see the any red carpet coverage on television, but I did watch the action on twitter. Kristen Ledlow did a nice job interviewing some of the best faces in the league.  Just like the Oscars, players were asked “who are you wearing?” and to my delight, most players answered they didn’t know and found whatever was in their closet. Players like Russell Westbrook, who won the fan-voted “Best Style Award,” knew everything about his style and made it a priority to look good during the pre-show.         

The star that eclipsed everyone on the red carpet in my opinion was Mama Durant. Wanda showed up wearing a very classy yellow Carolne Herrera dress with Louboutin shoes. Her jewelry was mostly blue with hints of fuschia, but she said she decided to wear yellow and blue to represent the Warriors and support her son.

All eyes were on Draymond Green and his attire. The newly awarded Defensive Player of the Year dawned a teal tuxedo jacket with black trim, a black bow tie, and dressy black…shorts. Yes, I said shorts. The look was “soooo Draymond.” It was loud, colorful and definitely caught everyone’s attention, but at least he was in “black tie attire. ” I will say my favorite part of the whole ensemble were the black pirate loafers.

Another moment that caught social media by storm during the red carpet, was when the show’s host, Drake, showed up with his date for the evening: Warriors sideline reporter Rosalyn Gold-Onwude. Ros looked stunning with a form-fitting red mini dress with nude color heels, and Drake was dressed in a classic tuxedo.  

While both looked fabulous, most were more concerned on if there was a change in their relationship status. However, pump the breaks, before we dub them “Drosalyn” or “Rake” apparently the two are just friends. Here’s what Rosalyn told Respect Magazine a couple weeks ago:

“He’s a big time basketball fan, we’ve become friends through; just his passion for the game. He’s come to a lot of games, he’s become really good friends with Steph Curry and his family. So we met through that and every time he’s around, it’s always fun, jokes, laughter. It’s a whole crew of us that’ll end up hanging out together or seeing each other at these games. So it’s been really cool to cultivate a friendship with him.”

Looks like it’s all about the love of basketball, but I’m sure many will be keeping a close eye on the chemistry between these two.  

In perfect NBA Style…something that no other award show could ever duplicate, is the KickCam. Basketball players are known for their stylish shoes, and these professionals brought the goods. I’ve already mentioned Draymond’s pirate loafers, 

But we also saw Reggie Miller wear Sager Strong shoes to honor the late Craig Sager, Dirk Nowitzki bringing the loafer game, and John Wall showed off his leopard kicks with red spikes to match his red suit.

You can check out all the kicks by checking out #KickCam on Twitter.

As for the entertainment, I have to review the performance from Nicki Minaj and 2 Chainz. I’ll be honest, 2 Chainz brought it and was the most exciting part of the routine, but I was pretty disappointed in Nicki. I enjoy listening to her work, but the choice of music lagged and was too slow for that point of the evening.  I understand there are limits on a smaller stage when it comes to choreography, but the performance lacked excitement and needed to be something more electric and fast pace to help break up the monotony of the awards. It looked like a first time production, so I expect with more award shows, the quality will improve.

Since it is an award show, I do have awards for the most interesting moments of the night.

Funniest Moment of the Night: Bill Russell will kick everyone’s ass

Bill Russell was being honored for the Lifetime Achievement award, and five legendary big men presented the NBA legend with the award: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O'Neal, Dikembe Mutombo, Alonzo Mourning and David Robinson. The 83-year old NBA star turned to the presenters after receiving the trophy and said, “I would kick your ass.” You know what, I believe him.

Most Awkward Moment of the Night: Get Out Curry’s

If I were to grade Drake as a host, I’d give him a C+ for the evening. Some moments made me chuckle, others just plain bombed, and there were times the rapper had a hard time recovering in those moments. The most awkward moment came when he presented a pre-produced piece that roasted Steph and Ayesha Curry. The skit was a spoof of the hit movie “Get Out” where it looked like Ayesha played the part of the super-controlling wife that held Steph back from having fun with his boys. Drake is known to hang out with the Curry’s, but I couldn’t imagine it being a point in the show that made everyone in the Curry household comfortable. Hopefully, they all have a pretty good sense of humor. When Drake asked Draymond about the Curry feature, you can see how uncomfortable he was and tried to dodge answering any questions.

Best Moment of the Night: Sager Strong

The most touching, and emotional moment came in the first ever Sager Strong Award. The first person to wear the colorful Sager jacket was Spurs executive Monty Williams. Monty’s wife died in a tragic car accident last year while he was an assistant in Oklahoma City. His heartfelt eulogy inspired hope, and the moment he thanked his children for their support and love brought tears to my eyes and I’m sure others as well.





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