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Jerry Rice: 'You have to stay with Beathard right now'

Former 49ers great says its C.J. Beathard over Jimmy G

Anna Kagarakis
November 22, 2017 - 10:11 am

The GOAT, Hall of Famer Jerry Rice joined the 95.7 The Game’s morning show Joe, Lo and Dibs and was asked who should start for the 49ers as quarterback this Sunday against the Seahawks: CJ Beathard or Jimmy Garoppolo? 

"You have to stay with Beathard right now. The morale in the locker room is good and the players are going to rally around him. But eventually, you're going to have to put Jimmy G on that football field."

Rice did add later that Jimmy G eventually has to get on the field: "I think he's going to make everyone else better around him. I think he is the QB of the future for the San Francicso 49ers."

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Jerry Rice

The Morning Show
Wednesday, November 22nd
Towny, Lo and Dibs are joined by Jerry Rice (Legendary 49ers Wide Receiver) to ask him if TO should be in the Hall of Fame. He gives us a list of people that he believes belong in the Hall of Fame. Jerry tells us what he thinks the 49ers should do at the quarterback situation. We also talk a little Thanksgiving. 

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Chris sounds and Lorenzo Neal. One of the greatest athletes ever perform in this sport and also here in the Bay Area the great Jerry Rice. Joins us here on 957 again Jerry W band. Yeah we're we're doing well you know we're just talking Michael solar Smith on the Howard you know Michael well we're excited about your old teammate Terrell Owens howdy is he says it's just petty at this point. That they have not put him in the hall of fame he's fifth all time and touchdowns and you tell us do you take Terrell Owens should be in the hall of fame. Without doubt but you know you gotta look they're ready multi I think I think groups. Did their payroll if there are so many guys Kuwait Lulu. Brian Urlacher. Much in illicit Roger Craig. List did go on and on and on but you know what they put sale. You know he should be able to get it this year. And we you've got to wait in the process. Take care of itself and see what happens. Jerry what do you think of the process as it is he gets whittled down our very own Lorenzo Neal here on the show was a nominee and now we go semifinalists and then we get to finalist doesn't seem like. The process is made more difficult. Than it should be without enough input. From four players. What do you look down Roger Craig had been a semi final looked for a bout in years expect Coke you know you've been waiting belongs. I. I think you know because it looked even with the receiving corps will help that many players in an end in the pro football state. Are we might be the last group you know Indian we get it spews out later that the you know players are in other pro football game. I don't know how to go about it but you know. You know I think players are. Aren't really just waiting. There are so many that they're trying to get him right now it makes everything a little bit more typical. So you know I can understand why you know not a real or Google will frustrated but they are good motto the guys that they're waiting for a long time. A much longer time. To get it now in at all. If if Terrell doesn't get in this time and you look at guys like Randy Moss he's on the brink what about guys that you know what drug money and you said Ray Lewis John Lynch. Is your guide you think this is a for sure luck on the hall of fame this this ballot. Oh my god dad. That's what does the bill except that I hope that you are low written the. I guy Jackson imagine that I'm getting usually an all drain well Jared we edit it. I eat eat you know what at I bet I can't say. There are Sherlock. You know put anyone because even when I went out our political footballs great. You are received good millionaire show yeah I want you. The guy I sweated I was so nervous. And you don't. In it and play when I got drafted you know you hear people say what he's gonna get trapped did you hear. You know let the good coaches that this Skiles say okay you only get drafted. But I never dated today it was the same way look at pro football hall of frame I've never gave into it until they called my name. Oh you and you just never know you know what's gonna happen and I've wanted to get my hopes up where I was disappointed. So don't my approach to try and I think the players are the same way he's built a guy they've taken the same approach you know. Not physically or emotionally and I anything like that big you felt the weight. To your name again what state your name and they know that. Bet they going to be able. Go check it out. A mind well Gerri I'm gonna ask you these GM unless that she'd be players in the locker room. And then ask you to be a fan. You see what's going on in San Francisco you got Jimmy G and they knew god they actor who's been playing his butt off he finally won a game. If you stay in bed there any wins he's still here anyway Antony continues to win and goes on a run. Now you can trade him if you like betray his value goes up. If Timmy G still your guy if you wanna give you wanna trade Jimmy G. No harm no foul is value stays the same. You play Jimmy street he doesn't do well or he does well Igor. How do you how do you balance this and and if you don't play. Bet there's a house of players and all our commute fouling when he game. This guy's been your guy. How Oceanic and how do you handle that in how would you just talent from a GM from a coach how's it different emotions and where do you stand on this album that is a question. You know I think we'll. Better rate now he's not aren't there right. To be the starter. I eat it in a note. It made everything a little bit more complex let him go one out giving Jimmy cheek now. Jimmy gee is gonna come with a very high price panic about 25 million. I think if they sign him long term. Did they can back loaded again they can also make them know what's gonna draft. Now they can tag Angel for years they wanted to give up. Yet you have to stay he will better right now. Because you know are in debt doubled relative luck rumored. The players are rallying around him that he'd eventually you gonna have to put Jimmy Key on their football field fifty. You know what he's not capable of don't want if you say ease their franchise quarterback. The quarterback that you go to built around you got to eat what he's going to the table and and that though clear note that okay. This is what we don't put a future. Okay are you got can be a part of their future too because right now everybody is BM look at. And this team also. Is not. Gonna go to the play also anything like that but still you have to be able to go out and perform. And do it. After that because. It's gonna pay off in the long run because if you piece of that puzzle. And is if they feel like you know they gonna bring you back. Eagle at approved that. Down the road right now you don't win when things overly bad. How do you. React to. You know adversity and stuff like that you know no one that procedure go with what you gonna continue to work harder still or state focused. And and do what you have that in order football king's career about it being evaluate it right now in. Let you know I think eventually generate key stick it on the COPEL feel. Assured by the way these cable or don't. The hall of Famer Jerry Rice with a seared Tammy Loewen did 9570. Game tonight. I just got I think cheery if he's ready if he knows a playbook and he's ready he's got to be dying to get out there employee he's been a back up behind Tom Brady. He wants to be the franchise guy can imagine back in the day. You being told our innocent (%expletive) out one more weight. Well you don't acting. Because of out Shanahan. Offense is so complex so. It takes a while you know for a player to really feel comparable player you've pulled one back in here and is that he could you'll have to contradict all they're just like bet. And it is shown that it guy you know he's intelligent. He's got to you know great character. He's not a bad looking got a look at also trophy the thought as you don't can be pretty cool or you know luck. Our our quarterback here is that the fiscal. But you know as long as he knows what to do on the football field and end I think he's gonna make everybody. Else better around him. I think he is the quarterback of the future sort of separate fiscal forty manner but I think he's just don't have the group. Is it difficult to judge him for these final six games because of what they have in the receiving corps Pierre Garcon is out. Yeah allowed core really without any any veterans of hard to judge Jimmy G because of what he hasn't throughout don't. Well I think you add in their running game Carlos I. You know because he he's for the young content. You know doing some great things on the football field right now also supply. Is playing much better which is good because he's not I think go with better. Love ball game. No sex. Are anything like that. I think he got may be hit maybe one or two times. So. There feel film from some pieces will but also in place. Now you got to be Smart you know I would implement. A running game a little bit more of a running game where. Is not on his shoulders to get the come out and end political ball. Yeah and and you know even though clear our course on this not. Around. You know for the rest of the season they still now a weapons out there on the football field now it is important for Jimmy G to be able to jail will build weapons and and and show what they're capable torrent. And I think he's the quarterback taken you know fear that he can do that he complained that type of plea. To the Bay Area you know you look at Joseph Montana what he would say it would do people all clear along with the Ron Amadon the same thing. And I think it may be you know that made everyone better around him and that's why they had much success at that and Jimmy Key he has to do this they've been. Let's switch over to your other teams the Oakland Raiders how disappointed are you after ten games of the raiders has been foreign six. I am I'm devastated right now because Larry you know I had such a couple of for the raiders went out before if you start. And what they show me of Mexico I I at this could not only you know you've won and guess yes you quarter because Tom Brady. And Bill Belichick but you know it you know very. Good New England team but for you to only scored eight points. And I mean Al I would like what what happened to the Oakland Raiders you know. May be too many distractions. And I think well I know they just aren't there because coordinator. But it's just I've never I never saw this can't. Because I've followed it will be right in the thick of things right now and and and play an exceptional football weather right now we just fight they eat they don't have an identity. Almost like it's a global footprint these are coming under put Hewitt in a very shocked by that about it. Jerry so almighty. To listeners how is that you think camera and a coordinator who's in her car never called plays but I understand. Jack trusts him so that's when Jack does. So. Coach does that you promoted got a within downing. And now I have a young quarterback it's already had three offensive coordinators prior. So now you're in this situation. How is it with their trust when this is your quarterback guy in in other guys in nineteen may be don't buy in. How do you trust this and his is that sometimes the chemistry can be off with the offense he saw Lennar. What could not have been cal Shanahan they're often struggles and Ryan doesn't so how much is that explain how does that work. You don't trust is everything and but you've got to help those courses. Are no courses they got to make place. And you know you couture. Crabtree the all he's got all the weapons that they have. They're they've really been inconsistent. And I think in the long run. It ends up hurting you told. I might not agree will find you know because when they promote. In not offensive coordinator in a couple of bad and he might call Dick you know he might have called the game below you know differently at a fight debt. But it was acquittals players to make it work on the football field. And if he is beetle helped both players could do that in all the sudden you're gonna beat that team you know completely all part in enacting that's what was happening with Oakland Raiders right now airplane makers are not make employee. I mean they did their inconsistent. In audio drop the football and you know area I've followed every ball. That hit my opinion it's it was comfortable. And in I would go back in and how will look at their field and I would be very critical on myself. I think I can't do it. Every tax. If it hit my hand I have to make that catch but it would guide dropped the ball today. I they did noted that it will mark O'Neal played very mild and edited on my but why the third spot now we're all. Not bad not what you do you. You don't because it is fighting global space. If if you compare her right away. And if you very critical yourself doing a week the way you practice the corporation and all that stuff. And if so then happened you know in their football game where you know. Dead dead dead note that catches you off guard a little bit like that not eagle Kabul I gotta make that block. I gotta make that catch I can't keep the chains move that code don't little things right now I think are hurting the raiders. Geno because you know there'd be aired just not sit there and end and they need to keep a chain smoker. He's the greatest of all time Jerry we always appreciated have a great Thanksgiving with the family will catch up zone. Ultimately you got one thing about you know things get. Guys are second and hit it in Thanksgiving. My train. I would not eat that much. Because I'd wanna put on build additional. You know all the work that I equity and doing a week you know I don't wanna you don't mess that up about any debt that you know that much Turkey and and Ed Ed attracting and all the rest up. And it discount mainly because I knew I had a football game next Sunday. And I wanted to be at my best so you don't sometimes you got to sacrifice a little bit but the tradition put me on Thanksgiving and I did not you know he'd like a pig. Gerri on behalf of all let's list them all a duty like MBA yeah. I am I appreciate the fact that you didn't deal like hey so we want USF okay here we can all enjoy you on Sunday. I've been wanted to throw that out Diaz. You're the go to we're doing radio in jail. Yeah. I stand your age Jerry your eyes.
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