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Al Pacino

The Film Buff: HBO Films 'Paterno' premieres April 7

It was the story that shook the entire sports world, the story of a hero that fell from grace. It took six years, but Paterno is finally making its debut this weekend. Starring Oscar winner Al Pacino, the HBO film follows a two-week period in 2011 when Joe Paterno set the college win record to the... Read More

The Film Buff: Post Oscar Wrap

Anna Kagarakis reviews the 90th Academy Awards and talks to fellow film buffs Derek Papa and Albee Filous about the highlights and lowlights of the evening. Plus, a look at NBA Stars starring in Hollywood. Anna takes a look at Kevin Durant's new show with Apple, Lebron is bringing back another 90's... Read More

Video: Curling with Kelenna!

Curling is one of the most obscure sports, but has become one of the most popular at the Winter Olympics. Is it really as easy as everyone thinks? Anna Kagarakis and Kelenna Azabuike get on the ice at Oakland Ice to try out the sport themselves. Check out the video! Read More

Film Buff: 90th Academy Awards

Nominations for the 90th Academy Awards were announced on Tuesday, and the sports world made a bit of a splash this award season. Kobe Bryant has an extensive resume as a Champion, All Star, you name it, and now he can add Oscar nominee to the list. The animated short Dear Basketball was among... Read More

Pharrell and N.E.R.D. to perform at halftime of NBA All-Star Game

The NBA announced that 11-time Grammy winner Pharrell and his band N.E.R.D will perform at halftime of the 2018 All-Star Game in Los Angeles on Feb. 18. Pharrell and his band released its fifth studio album recently. They will perform a medley of their hits at the break. 11-time Grammy Award-... Read More