‘When those m-----f----ers start falling, people are in trouble’ — Draymond isn’t sweating his 3-point slump

Green is just 1-for-10 from beyond the arc since returning from toe injury

Karl Buscheck
December 20, 2018 - 9:30 am

Amid the Warriors’ 108-103 loss to the Jazz on Wednesday night, the hosts were daring Draymond Green to shoot, often sagging five feet off the vet when he approached the top of the arc.

Green was 0-for-2 on triples and is now shooting 18.9 percent (7-for-37) on the season. Stephen A. Smith thinks the slump (Green is 1-for-10 since returning from his toe injury) portends doom if Green can’t correct.

Unsurprisingly, Green isn’t on the same page. Asked how frustrated he is about his shooting woes after the loss, Green answered as such:

“I’m not because I know it will fall at some point,” Green said. It’s probably a good thing, because that means people are going to keep playing me like this.

“Then when those m-----f----ers start falling, people are in trouble.”

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