Warriors season starts sluggishly

Why the Dubs digging a hole is not necessarily a bad thing

Dan Dibley
October 30, 2017 - 2:31 pm

The Warriors had to stage a big comeback to beat Washington (down 10 after three quarters, Draymond ejected) and then tried unsuccessfully to rally past Detroit (blew a 14-point lead) running their record to a relatively unsightly (4-3).

These uneven performances are beset by poor defense, careless ballhandling, and a general lethargy that we are not used to seeing from the Warriors. Golden State has lost its third game of the year this season alarmingly early, though it doesn’t portend to postseason success or failure.

The 73-win Warriors of 2015-16 didn’t lose their third game of the season until January 13th when they fell to an obscene (36-3). That team had the best-ever regular season but failed to win a championship.

Last year’s Warriors team suffered its third loss of the season on December 1st, after a sturdy but not mind-blowing (21-3) start. That team DID win the title, and in convincing fashion.

The fact that this squad is 4-3 should not be enough to sound the panic alarms but it should provide something important: contrived adversity.

There’s no way a “slow start” after seven games can be construed as real adversity but Steve Kerr and the coaching staff can use this to ratchet up the intensity.   

Kerr can let the team know that they’re looking up at the Clippers in the Pacific Division and that that is unacceptable. He can mention they are 28th in scoring defense and 1st in turnovers committed. Both relatively unimportant over the long haul but while they are struggling, these things can be used to their advantage.

Enter contrived adversity.​

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