The Warriors & friends were in championship form at the Juglife charity softball game

Stars from Golden State, football, music and politics headlined McGee’s annual exhibition

Karl Buscheck
June 23, 2018 - 6:26 pm

It took two iced coffees, half a muffin, one bus, one train and a not insignificant amount of walking to make it to JaVale McGee’s annual Juglife Water charity softball game on Saturday afternoon.

It was more than worth it on a day when the temperature swelled to 88 degrees at the Coliseum, the site of the exhibition for the second time in as many Junes.

Leave it to McGee, the Warriors and their celebrity friends to play the most entertaining game at the Coliseum all year.

McGee was the first of the Warriors to arrive for the game, which benefits his Juglife foundation that "promotes drinking more water as a lifestyle to thrive and supports accessing clean water around the world." 

It's an eminently noble cause.

That's just the Warriors. Everything they touch turns to gold. 

McGee had a Gucci fanny pack — that retails for $1,290 — strapped to his waste. Around his neck he wore a gold chain, his second championship ring dangling on his chest.

Zaza Pachulia, who missed last year’s game, hit the red carpet shortly thereafter. There would be no sign of his good friend, Klay Thompson, who’s across the globe for #ChinaKlay Round II.

“The bad thing is he’s not here. The good thing is I’m expecting some nice videos,” Pachulia said with a giant smile splashed across his face.

Jordan Bell showed up wearing a t-shirt that paid homage to his famous — and Hennessy-fueled — parade-day shenanigans. Bell insisted the brown liquid that splashed around in the bottle wasn’t Henny — just Bodyarmour.

Stephen Curry, who would go on to look like Brandon Crawford at shortstop, snuck through the media responsibilities with speed and grace.

Nick Young — or more recently Swag Champ — was his jovial self. He claimed Barry Bonds, in a whiff of smoke, had come to him in a dream, telling Young that he’d hit a home run.

He did not.

Once the game began, Young, as was so often the case during his season in Golden State, was the life of the party, oozing fun, dancing in his crop top.

Throughout the proceeding, Marshawn Lynch, who briefly delayed the anthem because he wouldn’t stop lofting softballs into the outfield, was the pitcher. He can also hit.

The running back also decked Andre Igudoala, just before he reached the plate, after the veteran Warrior had bombed a home run.

Lynch was the most prominent among the corps of local celebrities  — and dignitaries — who grassed the Coliseum grass. Richard Sherman, Lynch's old Seahawk friend and new 49ers rival, was part of the game. Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf was announced as a late addition minutes before first pitch.

E-40 and Mistah F.A.B were the musical icons on hand. The former, fittingly, had his own ghost runner.

The game ended in absurd fashion, a win for Team Andre, skippered by the Hamptons 5 member who would be crowned MVP. Ralph Walker, Curry’s body guard, who was moonlighting as the umpire, secured the win by overturning a play at the plate after a video review.

“I didn’t really get to see (the play) because I was in the dugout because it was so hot, but it felt like we got cheated,” McGee quipped during his postgame press conference. “It felt like the white team got cheated, but you know what? We’re not going to be sore losers. They won fair and obtuse. I wouldn’t say square.”

Iguodala, the MVP trophy in his hands, his friends, teammates and opponents surrounding him at home plate, summed up the day as he exhorted the crowd.

“Champs again, again, again and again. And so forth. You get the point.”

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