VIDEO: KD surprises 3 kids by delivering a pizza to their hotel room after elevator meeting

Durant provided 3 young fans with a memory they’ll never forget

Karl Buscheck
March 20, 2019 - 1:43 pm

Twitter / @TommyMount223

Kevin Durant did a good thing.

And it all started with a chance meeting in a hotel elevator.

Twitter user @TommyMount223 told 95.7 The Game how it all went down...

"I ordered pizza and went to the hotel lobby to pick them up and then saw people coming so I held the elevator and KD and a couple friends got on. I told him good game today and he started talking with me. I told him my cousin and I came down with our sons for the game and then tomorrow we are going to watch MN boys state basketball tourney. I told him my son isn’t going to believe that he was in the elevator with me and he offered to take a picture with me. Then his friend said he should deliver the pizza to the kids. They were laughing and joking around and he ask if he could deliver the pizzas and I of course said “That would be awesome!” And then we walked to my room and he delivered the pizzas. My son was Jordan who is 13 and Hunter is my cousins son who is 9. Needless to say that is all they talked about the rest of the night and as soon as they woke the next morning."

Here’s the video of KD delivering the pizza and an unforgettable memory:

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