VIDEO: 'Is everybody ready to tweet?' — Kerr clips fingernails while waiting for reporters

Kerr brings the jokes to pregame press conference before game with Wolves

Karl Buscheck
November 08, 2017 - 6:57 pm

Steve Kerr showed up for his pregame press conference ready for the question of the night — who would start for Kevin Durant.

The quick-witted head coach of the Warriors announced that he'd be inserting Andre Iguodala into the starting five — but not before pulling a fingernail clipper from his pocket.

“Is everybody ready to tweet? Andre Iguodala will start," Kerr said, as he got to work trimming. "Just let me know when you guys are done.”

Check out the scene in the videos below:

Kerr added that Durant would be playing if this were the playoffs and also revealed that he sometimes rides BART to Oracle Arena.

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