Time to trust Lynch and Shanahan after landing Jimmy G’s personal protector

Niners snag OT Mike McGlinchey with No. 9 pick

Tommy Call
April 26, 2018 - 7:00 pm

With the 9th Pick in the 2018 NFL Draft,  the 49ers decided to pass on Tremaine Edmunds and Minkah Fitzpatrick in order to to take Jimmy Garoppolo’s next bodyguard: Mike McGlinchey.

If it wasn’t clear already, John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan’s plan to build around Garoppolo, so yes drafting a offensive tackle this early makes sense.

Trent Brown has shown flashes, but overall proved to be somewhat injury prone, and regardless whatever happens with Brown, Joe Staley is only getting older.

It is evident with every move the 49ers make they’re following a plan they laid out to CEO Jed York when they each received six-year contracts. Plus, when you extend a quarterback to a monster deal it’s probably a good idea to protect him, and that’s exactly what McGlinchey is going to do.

McGlinchey is one of the cleaner prospects in the entire 2018 draft class making him worthy of a top-10 pick. McGlinchey consistently used his athleticism to get in the right position, something Shanahan covets.

McGlinchey is a fluid pass blocker with great technique. If the 49ers want to have an exotic passing game they need big men up front that can be versatile and move with ease, something McGlinchey does well.

McGlinchey needs to get bigger, he needs to add muscle — something that isn’t a big problem once you enter a NFL workout program. When strength and size is your biggest as a pass blocker it is something that can be improved upon when you reach the NFL level.

If you’re a 49ers fan reading this and upset about landing McGlinchey at 11, I understand.

Passing on guys like Edmunds and Fitzpatrick could be a tough pill to swallow. Shanahan and Lynch have been money with almost every move they’ve made so far so why would you doubt them now? Understand McGlinchey is another piece to Lynch’s puzzle. They are building for the near future, for right now just have some patience.

For my immediate grade on the 49ers first round pick I’m going to stamp a B- on their draft card. I do think Edmunds or Fitzpatrick would’ve been a better pick but I understand what Lynch and co. are doing and I respect it.

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