Three 49ers Overreactions from the team's Week 1 loss

Jimmy 'Romo,' burgeoning defensive stars and a must-win Week 2

John Dickinson
September 09, 2018 - 1:40 pm

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The bottom line for the 49ers in their 24-16 season opening loss to the Vikings was simple. You can’t stall out a 14-play drive on the goal line without scoring due to a fumble. You also can’t have your franchise quarterback throw three interceptions, including a pick six against one of the best teams in the NFC on the road.

But the NFL is league full of overreactions, especially in the hours following a loss. Here’s an early look at some of the things we’ll all be talking about this week whether it’s fair or unfair to do so.

What if the best Jimmy Garoppolo comparison is… Tony Romo???

Early in his career Jimmy Garoppolo has been compared so a couple of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, most notably his former teammate Tom Brady and 49ers legend Joe Montana.

Watching Garoppolo against the Vikings, I couldn’t help but see another quarterback comparison. What if Jimmy Garoppolo is the next Tony Romo? Garoppolo showed glimpses of both the best and worst qualities of the former Cowboys quarterback against the Vikings. He showed the ability to escape pressure, avoid sacks and complete big time passes like his 22-yarder for a touchdown to rookie Dante Pettis. Garoppolo also missed some wide-open, easy throws and had three “what the heck was that?” interceptions that grew to be a Romo staple throughout his career. 

In fairness, Garoppolo was pressured all day, his receivers had some awful drops and Kendrick Bourne admitted he ran the wrong route on the pick-6. Alfred Morris also fumbled on the goal line which took at least three points off the board at a moment the 49ers had all the momentum in the game.

It’s too early for any kind of Jimmy G comp to truly stick and there were moments abasing the Vikings top-ranked defense where he looked every bit as good as any of the leagues best. And let’s be honest, a Tony Romo comparison shouldn’t exactly be considered a negative. Romo had a career 78-49 record and only one losing season in the ten seasons he saw action. Tony Romo was a hell of a good quarterback but he was also a far cry from Joe Montana and Tom Brady.

DeForest Buckner and Fred Warner are legit

DeForest Buckner is due for a breakout monster season and he is well on his way after a disruptive 2.5 sack game that featured seven tackles and three QB hits. The 49ers are looking for anchor players at each level of their defense and Buckner took a big step toward being the man up front of in Sunday’s opener. 

The 49ers were also looking for a running mate for linebacker Reuben Foster. Someone that could be a heavy hitter and take the pressure off Foster by calling the defense as the MIKE backer which would allow Foster to roam free and make plays all over the field. Warner not only earned the job as a rookie but excelled in his professional debut with 12 tackles, a quarterback hit and a forced fumble that Richard Sherman pounced on in the second quarter that helped flip the momentum of the game in the 49ers favor. It looks like inside linebacker could immediately be a position os strength upon Foster’s return from suspension in two weeks.

The 49ers face a must-win game next Sunday in Week 2

Life comes at you fast in the NFL.

With one loss already in the books and two difficult road games coming up at Kansas City and in L.A. against the Chargers, the 49ers already face a game they have to have next Sunday at Levi’s Stadium against the Detroit Lions.

Expectations are high with most projecting eight wins minimum for the 49ers. A loss in the home opener would setup the realistic possibility of an 0-4 or even 1-5 start with a Monday night game at Green Bay looming in Week 6. The 49ers schedule gets easier as the season goes along but staying afloat early becomes paramount in order to allow the games in the middle of the season and down the stretch to matter for more than window dressing and hope for 2019.

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