‘We might have had a little too much champagne’ — Kerr on the tattoo that never was, plus updates on Steph & Boogie

Warriors head coach joins ‘The Damon Bruce Show’ for his weekly conversation

Karl Buscheck
November 20, 2018 - 5:54 pm

Steve Kerr joined “The Damon Bruce Show” on Tuesday and discussed the righting of his Warriors’ ship, the respective recoveries of Stephen Curry and DeMarcus Cousins, oh, and that time he almost got an ill-fated tattoo.

Earlier in the day, the following story dropped:

Kerr confirmed that he does not, in fact, have any tattoos, but, well…

“Luc Longley and I had a conversation on the plane back from one of our championships," Kerr recalled on 95.7 The Game. "The one in Salt Lake — that was in 1998, I guess. We flew back. We might have had a little too much champagne. We all agreed to get matching Larry O’Brien tattoos.”

“And then we woke up the next day and realized that was a horrible idea,” Kerr said with a laugh.

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