Steve Kerr plays it cool on draft night and gets his wing

Warriors HC sits back and lets the front office doing its bidding

Karl Buscheck
June 21, 2018 - 9:54 pm

The La Salsa food coma was all too real by the time the Warriors finally made their first-round selection at 7:37 pm on Thursday night.

The sprawling buffet, cluttered with empty tin foil containers from the chain of fast-casual Tex Mex restaurants, lined the back wall at the Rakuten Performance Center in Downtown Oakland — the club HQ that Jacob Evans, the newest Warrior, will soon be calling home.

Midway through the afternoon, before the Warriors had waited more than three hours to select the Cincinnati wing with the No. 28 pick, the first player in sight was a guy who’s all but a lock to be gone next season. Zaza Pachulia was shooting hoops on the practice courts with his sons.

Hints had trickled in throughout the proceedings that Evans was the guy the wing-short Warriors were targeting.

The fit is right. Evans is a versatile and athletic defender who can shoot from distance. He capped his Cincinnati career with a 37.7 3-point percentage, fifth-best in school history.

Damon Bruce spent the afternoon beating the Jacob Evans drum on his show. When he asked one unnamed Warriors official about the cerebral Bearcat, he received the following reply:

“Certainly a name that’s in the mix.”

If there was one Warrior in the building who was totally unplugged, it was the bearded Steve Kerr, freshly returned from a Mexican surfing excursion with Bruce Frasier, the assistant widely known as Q.

“First of all, I have nothing to do with tonight,” Kerr told Bruce. “I have zero influence, which is exactly how I want it.”

So, are you saying that Draymond Green, the new draft consultant, has more pull?

“He probably does,” Kerr quipped. “He’s sitting in there at the table. I don’t even have a seat at the table. That’s fine with me.”

Kerr, his beard half way to Popovich, a vintage Cubs hat on his head and flip flops on his feet, was living it up.

“Steve had a good time tonight,” basketball ops czar Bob Myers said. “I’m not gonna say what he did. But Steve’s been having a good time the last couple days.”

Kerr spent draft night hanging in the players locker room with assistant Ron Adams and the trainers. Come Monday, that’s where his new wing will be hanging too.

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