Kerr on Patrick McCaw: ‘We have faith that he’ll be with the Warriors again’

Golden State head coach offers the latest update on AWOL wing to Damon Bruce

Karl Buscheck
October 18, 2018 - 5:35 pm

Steve Kerr stopped by “The Damon Bruce Show” on Thursday and offered a detailed update on the status of Patrick McCaw, the club’s holdout wing. Suffice it to say, the back-to-back champs would like to see McCaw return to the fold.

“He’s a restricted free agent," Kerr said. "So, we have his rights no matter if he accepts the contract that we’ve offered or not. We’ve been in touch with him, occasionally, and he’s going through his own thought process.”

McCaw has been nowhere to be seen through training camp, the preseason and into the preseason. He was a no-show at Tuesday night’s ring ceremony.

“He knows where we stand,” Kerr continued. “We’d love to get him here. There’s still a place for him here and he has to just make up his mind, kind of which direction he wants to go here. But, we have faith that he’ll be with the Warriors again and we’ll just be patient.”

Here's the full pod with Kerr:

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