Stephen Jackson rips LeBron over hand, Finals: ‘He quit’

Ex-Warrior sounds off on James after Golden State sweep

Karl Buscheck
June 14, 2018 - 9:44 am

Stephen Jackson is famed for calling it like he sees it. And that’s exactly what Jackson did when he excoriated LeBron James during a Wednesday appearance on FS1’s “First Things First.”

The rant, which lasts nearly two minutes, begins with the ex-Warriors calling out James for his self-inflicted wound after punching a whiteboard.

“For him to do that, that was real selfish.”

Selfish. And that was just the beginning.

“I think his heart was questioned,” Jackson said. “I don’t know if he punched his heart against the whiteboard. Because at times it looked like his heart was hurting. He wasn’t competing, wasn’t giving the same energy we see from LeBron.”

And then the finale...

“He quit. He knew he was playing against a better team. After Game 1, he knew he was beat. Point blank, bruh. It had nothing to do with his hand.

“They got swept. 4-0. Take it like a man. Go home, bruh. Heal your hand up, have a great offseason, figure out where you’re going. But don’t make that as an excuse. Y’all got swept.”

Here’s Stack Jack in his own words:

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