Source: Giants had 2nd meeting w/ Giancarlo Stanton's reps but prefer Shohei Ohtani

Giants rolled out the ‘red carpet’ for 2-way Japanese star

Karl Buscheck
December 05, 2017 - 4:49 pm

Damon Bruce opened his show with all sorts of insights on the San Francisco Giants on going pursuits of Giancarlo Stanton and Shohei Ohtani. Most notably Damon revealed that the Giants had a second meeting with the NL MVP’s reps but have Ohtani atop their wish list.

“I got a guy. I got a guy,” Damon explained.

“I’m not going to tell you who my guy is. He has been right about things in the past. He has been really off on nothing in terms of information he’s ever handed to me in terms of Giants baseball.”

“And my guy is incredibly optimistic about Stanton and Otani — with the caveat that the Giants have done all that they possibly can to make this happen. It’s now up to individual choices and who can speak for Stanton and Otani besides Stanton and Otani?”

“The Giants have officially played ball to the best of their ability on this. A deal is in place with Miami. It’s agreed to. It is a done deal. Stanton now just has to say, ‘yes.’

Damon said that the names that have been reported in potential trade packages are off and suggested that a major leaguer could be headed to Miami.

He also got into the specifics of the second Stanton meeting in Los Angeles.

“Larry Baer has gone to Los Angeles as a follow-up to the LA meeting that you’ve already heard about,” Damon said.

“So there’s been a follow-up meeting that has gotten less publicity. Larry Baer was there (on Monday) in Los Angeles with Stanton’s reps and he’s probably there, and that’s a good sign, because Larry comes in to sell the sex appeal of the Bay Area — not just in terms of property value and that sort of thing — but all the business opportunities that come with being Silicon Valley’s preferred baseball team.”

Finally, Damon explained that the Giants have run a full-court press to bring Ohtani to AT&T Park. A whole crew of organizational luminaries — including manager Bruce Bochy and catcher Buster Posey — met with Otani on Monday.

“They rolled out the biggest red carpet to pitch him in the most ‘isn’t San Francisco the coolest, most interesting place in the world to live — why wouldn’t you want to come do this?’

“The Giants pulled out all the stops. They showed him all the business that he’ll be connected to if he picks the team that is preferred by Silicon Valley.”

To recap, Ohtani is priority No. 1.

“They really want Ohtani. They want Ohtani bad,” Damon said. “They want Ohtani more than they want Stanton and if you look at the reality of the price that would have to be paid for Stanton, you can understand why easily — easily.”

Jump to the 7:30 mark in the podcast below to hear Damon’s full breakdown on the pursuits of Stanton and Otani:

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