Smash Mouth: Giants ownership and Zaidi are not ‘on the same page’ regarding Harper pursuit

Local rock band has taken to Twitter with a purported scoop

Karl Buscheck
February 26, 2019 - 12:06 pm

There is perhaps no better proof that the Bryce Harper saga has gone on too long than the following tweet from @smashmouth:

"We are hearing Giants ownership/upper mgmt might not be on the same page as Zaidi regarding Harper. They want to offer a long term contract like they did with Bonds and Zaidi does NOT want to. Sabean/Baer step the F up, this is your team, not some slappy's from the Dodgers!"

This is not the first time Smash Mouth, the band from San Jose, has weighed in on sports news. And it’s not an entirely unreasonable premise, but wow.

On a related note, Daryle “The Guru” Johnson has a message for Mr. Harper:

In other Harper news, the Philles, long the favorite, have "grown concerned" that the right fielder will chose the Dodgers if the clubs make similar offers.

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