Silver says Raiders & Bucs would be ‘natural targets’ for Gruden if he returns

Raiders owner remains close with ex-coach turned MNF star

Karl Buscheck
December 19, 2017 - 1:19 pm

Michael Silver joined “Mornings W/ Joe, Lo & Dibs” on Tuesday to discuss an assortment of Bay Area football topics, including the future of Oakland Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio.

Asked point blank if JDR’s job will be in danger should the Raiders drop the final two games of a disappointing 2017, Silver hedged.

“I mean, I don’t think so, but there is some chatter out there,” Silver told Joe Fortenbaugh, Lorenzo Neal and Dan Dibley on 95.7 The Game. “I hope in the end, if Jack does lose his job, it can’t be traced to losing to the Cowboys because then literally a folded index card will be the margin of this man’s employment. That’s ridiculous.”

Then, unprompted, Silver brought up the name of former, famous silver and black head coach.

“I think for one thing, (owner) Mark Davis and Jon Gruden have a very strong relationship — if Jon Gruden is, in fact, in play, which there is a lot of chatter out there that way too — both the Bucs and Raiders would kind of be natural targets.”

“I do believe the Bucs will make a change either way,” Silver continued. “The Raiders, I’m not so sure. But the Raiders, technically, I believe, are still in the playoff hunt. So hopefully they’re going to do everything they can to win these last two.”

The NFL Network/ insider suggested that Del Rio’s contract situation — he has three years left — wouldn’t be an impediment, if Davis, generally reluctant to pay two coaches, choses to pursue a Gruden reunion.

“Well, he just got ($750 million) thrown his way by the great state of Nevada,” Silver pointed out. “So, I would agree with you, but it would certainly make a splash."

Jump to 1:52 mark in the podcast below to hear the full interview with Silver and skip to the 8:20 mark to hear his thoughts on the Raiders’ coaching situation:

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