Ratto: The Dynasty is dead; Long live the Dynasty

MNF loss makes 49ers more interesting, re-energizes NFC standings

Ray Ratto
November 12, 2019 - 9:19 am

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, someone had to say it. Even if the entire construct is false, from beginning to end.

There is nothing much to learn from Seattle's 27-24 last-second win over San Francisco except that it was a hell of a game. It met all the standards for entertainment in the often not-getting-your-money's-worth NFL. It re-established Russell Wilson's already well-grounded MVP bonafides, made the 49ers more interesting, re-energized the NFC standings and reminded everyone that running the table doesn't get done that often and that when it does, it mostly turns out to be empty calories.

Or did you all forget Warriors '16?

If you are a 49er fan, we're going to break it to you gently. You didn't need to win this game except for the cheap emotional kick of beating the Seahawks, and the benefit of having a three-game lead in the NFC West and two in the NFC. The 49ers were merely the last team to learn that winning every week is hard, and that not having George Kittle is hard, and maybe losing Emmanuel Sanders three weeks after acquiring him is hard, too.

But now, your team, the one that will win more games this year than in the last two seasons combined and might even win more than in the last three, has a new context, and reasons for fun conversation. Sunday's game against Arizona has a bit more urgency to it. Laughing at New Orleans for barfing all over itself against Atlanta is a little less hilarious. This is going to get harder, and more delicious.

Going 16-0 would have been nice for the fan base, one supposes, but it wouldn't necessarily make those games in January any easier. January football is different because it's supposed to be, and the best stuff has not yet happened, win or lose. The 49ers have taken the first and most significant step from being awful, and that's to be very good. They skipped the intermediate step of being okay, which most of you would have taken with glee, and some of you may have forgotten that the intermediate step helps understand the process. Going 8-0 might have bent your skulls a bit contextually, and you forgot how much fun can be had from being part of the argument.

Or did you all forget Warriors '17?

But now, with a dent in the bumper, the 49ers have provided a bit of that overlooked context. Now the back end of the schedule matters a little more, and Second Seattle is must-watch stuff. The Seahawks did you all a favor, because worry is part of the legitimate fan experience. You just got a package you didn't order, and the law says you don't have to return it. Now you have a new kind of anticipation.

As for me, the Seahawks covered well before the end of the game. I got what I need already.

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