49ers could still claim top pick in draft, currently sit 2nd

Niners climbed two spots up the draft board after narrow defeat to Bears

Karl Buscheck
December 26, 2018 - 1:00 pm

With one week left on the NFL regular season schedule, the 49ers are currently projected to be the second club on the clock, per NFL.com. Oh, and a rise to the top of the board is still possible.

After the Niners (4-11) lost 14-9 to the Bears in Week 16 and the Raiders (4-11) rolled past the Broncos, 27-14, in what could be the final game in Oakland, the projected draft order is looking like so:

Heading into the weekend, the 49ers had been sitting at No. 3 in the pecking order and the Raiders had been stationed at No. 2. With a loss against the Seahawks, the Cardinals will clinch that top pick. If the 49ers and Cardinals end up with the same recor, the Niners would claim the tiebreaker and secure the topic draft pick because of their worse strength of schedule.

Here’s how the final weekend shakes out:

*Cardinals @ Seahawks

*49ers @ Rams

*Jets @ Pats

*Raiders @ Chiefs

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