Romo says Jimmy G. could guide the 49ers to the playoffs in 2018

Romo & Lo join Papa & Bonta for the always-entertaining ‘Football Hour’

Karl Buscheck
December 19, 2017 - 2:37 pm

“The Football Hour” began with a bang on Tuesday afternoon, as Bill Romanowski predicted that a postseason push could be in the 49ers’ future in 2018.

And it’s all thanks to Jimmy Garoppolo. Here’s how the exchange went down between Romo, Lo, Papa and Bonta:

Romo: You just wait until they put a couple really good receivers around him, a tight end. I mean, this could be a really dynamic football team. Talking here just a little bit ago, they’ve got a hundred and how many million?

Bonta: $116 million, Romo, in cap space.

Romo: I think they, next year, could make a run at this thing.

Lo: A run meaning playoffs? Not Super Bowl.

Romo: Absolutely.

Lo: That’s not far-fetched.

Jump to the 1:48 mark in the podcast below to hear the whole back-and-forth:

Greg Papa Show - Hour 2

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