Rob Parker would rather have Colin Kaepernick than Matthew Stafford

FS1/Fox Sports Radio personality joins 'The Herd'

Karl Buscheck
August 29, 2017 - 3:43 pm

In the wake of Matthew Stafford scoring a $135 million deal — the richest in NFL history — Rob Parker of FS1 and Fox Sports Radio joined Colin Cowherd on “The Herd” to break down the record-setting contract.

Parker is no big fan of the Detroit Lions franchise face and would prefer to have all sorts of quarterbacks — including the most famous unemployed QB in football.

“Colin Kaepernick,” Parker said when asked who he'd rather have.

“Colin Kaepernick's been to the Super Bowl. He been to the NFC Championship game. What has Matt Statpadford done?” What? What?"

“Seriously, god bless him. It's the league. The money's there. I'm not mad at him because that's what the market bears."

Check out the full exchange in the video below, via @TheHerd:

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