Rob Parker rips KD for getting 'bamboozled' into taking pay cut

FS1/Fox Sports Radio analyst targets Durant in epic rant

Karl Buscheck
July 06, 2017 - 12:01 pm

In an appearance on “The Herd” on Thursday morning, Rob Parker aimed his lance at KD, ripping the Golden State Warriors superstar for taking a pay cut.

“Kevin Durant in reality has hurt the other big-time players in the league,” The FS1 and Fox Sports Radio analyst said. “Now, owners are going to come to LeBron (James), 'Oh, LeBron. You've got a sneaker contract. You don't need all that money. Why don't you take less?'

As Parker noted, Stephen Curry, KD's Golden State running mate, didn't take a haircut, inking a five-year, $201 million super-max deal.

“Why in the world has Kevin Durant been allowed to be bamboozled and tricked and fooled into this idea that he should be the one giving up money to help a billionare owner. It makes no sense.”

“And the other thing is, for fans, the Warriors just saved $20 million on the luxury tax. Does that trickle down to the fans? Will tickets be cheaper … ? Will beer be cheaper next year? No. Nothing's cheaper. The owner keeps his money, his wealth The fans still gets stuck with the bill and everyone else gets a raise except Kevin Durant. It makes no sense.”

Check out Parker's full rant in the video below, via “The Herd” Twitter account:

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