Randy Miller: ‘I’m hearing that Harper may be interested in a 2 or 3-year deal now’

Giants brass reportedly met with superstar outfielder

Karl Buscheck
February 06, 2019 - 10:25 am

The Giants are reportedly making a “late play” for Bryce Harper after meeting with the six-time All-Star. Randy Miller, Yankees beat writer for NJ Advance Media for NJ.com, broke the story with an early morning tweet.

In an appearance with “Joe, Lo & Dibs,” Miller detailed how the scoop came about. Miller told 95.7 The Game he heard the speculation after digging into the report that the Giants and Yankees might look into swapping the contracts of Jacoby Ellsbury and Johnny Cueto.

Ellsbury, like Harper, is represented by super agent Scott Boras. While it has long been presumed that Harper was looking to shatter Giancarlo’s record-setting $325 million deal, the narrative is shifting, according to Miller.

Logically, Miller’s information would appear to be coming from Boras, who could be efforted to boost the market for his supremely talented but surprising unpopular client,

“I think the Giants now are looking at the Padres going in and the White Sox going in, thinking, ‘Maybe we can get him on a contract that’s maybe a short term,’” Miller said on 95.7 The Game. “I’m hearing that Harper may be interested in a two or three-year deal now.”

“There may be some things changing down the road that allow him to become a free agent (when) there may be better offers down the road.”

“So, I’m thinking that if he signs maybe a four or five-year deal, he’s going to have a couple of outs. But, there’s certainly mutual interest. Harper lives in Las Vegas. Vegas isn’t that far from you (in San Francisco).”

“I’ve heard that if he didn’t go back to the Nationals that his preference was to go to the Giants or the Dodgers. And it looks like it’s possible now and the Giants certainly have a fit with the outfield fit that they have.”

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