Spurs Guard Dejounte Murray Dunks on Neighborhood Kids in Driveway Pick-up Game

Jesse Pantuosco
May 21, 2020 - 6:28 am

Dejounte Murray just wants to get buckets, even if it’s in the driveway on an eight-foot rim. Earlier this week, a handful of kids in Murray’s San Antonio neighborhood knocked on the Spurs point guard’s front door, asking if he wanted to shoot hoops with them.

It took Murray’s neighbors two months to gather enough courage to finally ring his doorbell, but I’m sure they’re glad that they did. The 23-year-old—who was averaging a healthy 10.7 points per game before the season was halted amid COVID-19—was happy to hoop it up with his new pals from across the street, putting on a driveway clinic with a spicy collection of killer crossovers, windmill dunks and even a step-back three for good measure. The 6’4” Washington alum had a few inches—or feet—on his opponents (one of whom was not wearing shoes), but with the NBA still awaiting its return from the coronavirus, Murray will take a pickup game wherever he can find one.

Could Murray have dialed it back a bit with his slick dribbling and emphatic dunks? Probably. But when you knock on a professional athlete’s door inviting him to shoot hoops, you don’t want a watered-down half-version—you want the full NBA experience. And that’s exactly what Murray gave them. Props to the former first-round pick for giving his neighbors a driveway game they’ll never forget.

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