NFL Power Rankings: Divisional Round Weekend

Tim Kelly
January 07, 2020 - 6:35 am

The phrase "changing of the guard" is perhaps an overused cliche in sports talk, but it seems appropriate to use ahead of the NFL Divisional Round playoffs.

In Wild Card Weekend, the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles, the last two Super Bowl Champions, were eliminated. Whether Tom Brady's tenure with the Patriots is over or not, this weekend will mark the first time since January of 2010 that the 42-year-old won't be playing in the second round of the postseason. Drew Brees - another future Hall of Famer with an uncertain future - also won't be taking part, as his New Orleans Saints were upset by the Minnesota Vikings on Wild Card Weekend.

While we're not going to be the ones to bet against Brady or Brees making one more Super Bowl run in their illustrious careers, this weekend will highlight the next generation of superstar quarterbacks; Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson, to name a few. We'll probably never see any sort of run close to what the Patriots have had under Brady and Bill Belichick, but it seems like a pretty safe bet to think that Jackson, Mahomes and Watson will lead their teams to a sustained period run of success.

The Divisional Round isn't without some familiar faces, as Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson, two quarterbacks that have already won a Super Bowl each, will meet in Green Bay. That said, there's almost no similarities between their current rosters and the ones they won Super Bowls with in the early years of their respective careers.

So, there's a little something for everyone on tap this weekend.

Ahead of the NFL's Divisional Round, here are RADIO.COM Sports' latest NFL Power Rankings:

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