NFL 2020: Power Ranking Top Pass-Catching Groups After the NFL Draft

Jordan Cohn
April 28, 2020 - 10:41 am

Though the lack of live sports was difficult to get through, the NFL Draft built off of an exciting tampering and free agency period to provide us with a fresh look at the league's rosters entering the 2020 season.

The biggest news of this offseason, by far, was that quarterback Tom Brady would no longer be playing for the New England Patriots and had found a new home in Tampa Bay. But what has been overshadowed by that are been some of the other names that have moved around. Yes, Gronk's return was massive news. DeAndre Hopkins' trade to the Cardinals was highly publicized. Stefon Diggs to the Bills made waves throughout the NFL universe.

But what about Austin Hooper? What about Robby Anderson? What about Emmanuel Sanders? These and other impact moves make major changes in how the league's offensive units shape up against each other.

Adding to these were some of the acquisitions made in the NFL Draft. We know about CeeDee Lamb's fall and some of the exciting skill players added to various rosters. But what about the guys in day two and three that could provide that much-needed extra gear to a quarterback's arsenal?

Accounting for all of this offseason action, what we've done here is ranked each team's pass-catching units, comprised not only of wide receivers but of tight ends and running backs as well, to see which quarterback is surrounded by the best weapons.

Whereas some teams may boast an elite receiver, does the rest of the offense have what it takes to carry a balanced game plan? Can any running backs or tight ends compensate for the lack of a star wideout? Where does your team rank? Let's take a look.

All stats obtained from Pro Football Reference.

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