Quinn Cook on G League rise: ‘I think it made me more hungry’

Warriors PG joins ‘The Damon Bruce Show’ to discuss his breakout year

Karl Buscheck
April 20, 2018 - 5:26 pm

Quinn Cook, the biggest surprise of the Warriors regular season, swung by “The Damon Bruce Show” on Friday to discuss an assortment of topics, including his emergence from G League star to guaranteed deal with the reigning champs.

“I was always fine because I was playing basketball and I was a professional basketball player — even though I’m making $2,400 a month — that wasn’t my concern,” Cook said on 95.7 The Game. “My concern was about getting better every day and trying to get to my dream.”

“And, I think that when I was down there I used it as a tool, I used it as a stage to kind of prepare myself for the NBA. And I think it made me more hungry, coming from being a McDonald’s All-American and being an All-American at Duke and winning a national championship.”

“I went down there as the underdog and I still have that mentality that I’m the underdog and I never want to go back. And I just know that I belong in the NBA for a long time.”

Check out the full interview with Cook in the podcast below and jump to the 9:02 mark to hear him discuss his rise out of the G League:

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