Policy sees ‘real similarities’ between Jimmy G. and Montana and Young

Longtime Niners exec said even Montana understands the parallels

Karl Buscheck
January 11, 2018 - 12:55 pm

Carmen Policy dropped by “Mornings W/ Joe, Lo & Dibs” on Thursday and offered up some bizarre advice for the upcoming Jimmy Garoppolo contract negotiation.

Policy also talked about a recently lunch with Niners legends like Eddie DeBartolo, Joe Montana and many others. One of the main bullet points is that the club’s luminaries really, really like the new QB.

“You don’t want to overreach, but there are some real similarities in Garoppolo to what we used to have with Joe and Steve,” Policy said.

“Even Joe...who can be a little crusty at times — because we all know and we all have to tell him he’s the best — even he said, ‘This kid looks like he’s a real player.’”

Check out the full interview with Policy in the podcast below:

Carmen Policy

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