Playoff vibe hangs in the air in Santa Clara — just don’t ask the 49ers about it

49ers open training camp on confident yet humble note

Tommy Call
July 25, 2018 - 2:06 pm

As 49ers brass and players stepped to the mic on the first day of training camp, the theme of the day was cliché, but that might not be a bad thing for a team with this level of expectations.

“I believe we’re a better team, but that’s just from experience and on paper… We finished last year strong, but this has nothing to do with last year,” head coach Kyle Shanahan said, “It’s very simple, it’s a long season, it’s a grind.”

Among Shanahan, GM John Lynch and the four players who spoke, none seemed to be to be invested in what happened last season. All eyes looked forward to Wednesday night’s first practice and not one step ahead of that.

“To say this looks like a playoff team after three mini camp practices and some OTA’s is reaching,“ said new cornerback Richard Sherman.

Sherman has been around a playoff environment his entire career in Seattle, and thinks this team has “pieces” of such a club. But he  isn’t ready to look that far out onto the horizon, “It could be ahead of the timetable because we haven’t even gone to training camp yet.”

As for Jimmy Garoppolo, he made headlines with his confidence last week, saying he was better than Tom Brady. On Day 1, he had a more subtle Belichick-esque quote on a potential playoff run.

“First we have to have a good training camp,” Garoppolo said. “it’s one step at a time there.”

He even downplayed the success of the year that was.

“Last season isn’t on anyone’s mind,” Garoppolo said, “It’s a new year,”

One question heading into this season was how would this team handle the hype? Day 1 they passed all the tests, even Deforest Buckner, arguably the 49ers best overall players isn’t paying attention to the outside noise.

“I just block all that out,” Buckner said.

If the 49ers can practice what they preach, Santa Clara could be inline for an exciting season.

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