Papa says former Raiders coaches ‘ripped’ Carr in front of entire team

Raiders voice: ‘This coaching staff turned on Derek Carr’ after loss to Chiefs

Karl Buscheck
January 02, 2018 - 1:46 pm

Hour 1 of “The Greg Papa Show” with Bonta Hill was loaded with fascinating Raiders-related insights on Tuesday afternoon.

Here are a couple of the highlights, starting with Papa’s assertion that Rich Gannon will be a joining Jon Gruden in Oakland.

“Basically, the Raiders have a broken car right now and it’s Derek. It’s No. 4,” Papa said on 95.7 The Game. “And they’ve got to fix this car and I am intrigued how Jon does that, along with Rich Gannon. And I think Rich will be the quarterback coach. I saw him in Carson on Sunday.”

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Papa also revealed a remarkable moment from the locker room following the team’s disastrous 26-15 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 14.

“This coaching staff turned on Derek Carr as well. After the Kansas City game they called him out in front of a whole team meeting. It wasn’t just the offense or the quarterbacks, (or) a segment of the team. It was the whole team," Papa said. "And they ripped him in front of everybody and Derek’s a prideful guy.”

“But when you have a head coach that’s not designing the play (and) calling the play and then second-guessing the play and the quarterback’s play on a certain play, it doesn’t go well.”

Jump to the 12:05 mark in the podcast below to hear Papa’s full thoughts on Gannon and Carr:

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