Papa doesn’t think the Raiders will trade Khalil Mack but he sees a problem

Ex-voice of the Silver and Black joins ‘Joe, Lo & Dibs’ to discuss the biggest storyline from camp

Karl Buscheck
August 07, 2018 - 10:30 am

The Khalil Mack holdout has reach Day 11, which brings to mind one very good question: just what the hell is going on between the defensive star and the Raiders?

Greg Papa joined “Joe, Lo & Dibs” on Tuesday morning to discuss the stalemate and offer his prediction for how the situation between the Raiders and the AWOL pass rusher will work out.

“I don’t think they’re going to trade him,” Papa said on 95.7 The Game. “It would be so hard to get value back for him, as we’ve talked about on previous shows.”

“I don’t know. The fact that they haven’t had any dialogue at all since February is interesting to me — is that accurate? I can’t believe (direction of football administration) Tom Delaney, who negotiates the Raiders deals, hasn’t reached out to (Mack’s agent) Joel Segal.”

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Papa thinks money, or lack thereof, could be at the root of the impasse.

“But, again, do the Raiders have enough cash around to put the guaranteed money immediately into an escrow account?” Papa said. “I don’t know how this is going to play out.”

“I think Nevada, and the state taxes, may be involved,” Papa added. “Think of going from highest possible tax rate in a state-income tax level you can have at 13.3 percent down to one of seven states in the nation that has zero percent tax.”

Check out the full interview with Papa in the podcast below:

Greg Papa joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs 8/7/18

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, August 7th
Host of the Afternoon Delight joins Joe, Lo and Dibs to share his thoughts on Khalil Mack & Earl Thomas's holdout, the new NFL helmet rule, and the unofficial depth charts for the 49ers & Raiders. 

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The Greg hopper reported brought to you by July he gives such companies celebrating over 100 years. Of teamwork solutions and excellence the great great pop the joining this year on 95 cent in the game it's up pop how are ya good morning noise later on today. Well well we're like to begin everytime we bring you on you know we dictate the conversation to an extent I figured table try something different but would you like to talk about. I don't really care of literature show that football's back in and we got a football game in San Francisco currently it's 49ers and cowboys on Thursday generators and lines on Friday later raiders are gonna have a the scrimmage at the lions up in Napa which they haven't done that in years gone back to 2009. Mike Singletary. Brought the 49ers over to deal with JaMarcus Russell which got a little Lola. Interesting at times show just this this is the week when we start playing real not real football games but appreciated football games get ready for what's gonna start a month. I saw a rumor out there that when the raiders moved to Vegas they might consider holding their training camp up in Reno yeah any any thoughts as to hold there at Oregon he's still. To an article I've not they're not going to be in Napa I think that think they are gonna to be in Reno I think that's that'll via. That'll be they're spotted on sending officially but I think that's what they're gonna do. When you look at the situation with Khalil Mac pop how do you think this gets resolved as the hold outlast all the way until week one they trade him what's the move that they make here. I don't think they're gonna trade him and be so hard to get value back for mr. talked about a previous shows I don't know the fact that they haven't had a dialogue at all since February is interest in me is that accurate I can't believe Tom Delaney. Who negotiates the raiders steals. Hasn't reached out to Jules Siegel but. Again you know they would do the raiders have enough cash around to put state guaranteed money immediately into an escrow account I don't know. How this is gonna play out I think I think Nevada and the state taxes may be involved I mean think about go on from the the highest possible tax rate in the state in contacts. Level you can have a thirteen point 3% down to one of seven states. And it's in the nation it has 0%. Tax that's interesting that's not hard to overcome though they they did that winter car. They are shall also structured it more on the back and for Jon Gruden Steele I don't see why that would be a major. Issue. I'm not sure did she buy it I I don't think you trade a player like this it's just so difficult. To trade a guy like this I mean try to think you're great linebackers Cornelius Cornelius Bennett merit a biscuit got traded from the adults to the villains. Years and years ago which is charged it's hard to trade a player like this should mean for years should never saw trees are more trades in the NFL now the LA rams made up. A flurry of trades are just difficult to make. Ticket value back. But the got to figure out a way how to pay this guy and obviously I think he wants to be the highest paid defensive player of the year whether or not he deserves that. He's got to leverage and and you know he who goes last hallways laughs aloud as so. He's going to be able to get certainly a very close to Von Miller money if not to pass that. Sure but there's a guy it's out there that we possibly can be out there and and we'll take a whole lot. Doesn't behoove the raiders and and I and kicked it taught kick the tires on Earl Thomas take a listen as John Clayton and we had an earlier. Unless he comes in. There's no contract is up to 800000 dollars like. As far as lost money but the bind and everything else and they don't they're they're gonna death toll demand that money actually and so it's going to be contentious relationships but I think well it up happening is that if they can get. A third round pick some time by late August then they'd make that trade. Woody goodies to you what he did manage that pop is that integrators and niners could jump on yeah we had chatter show recently and he was talking and between the second and before its announcement more specific on right now medal and he knows John Schneider well you know the professor work for ESPN for years and I got a radio show up there. And he does the Seahawks sidelines on their radio broadcasts or he he's clued in he's at camp every day he feels that he knows what they're thinking about. For the niners say they have that cap space to do it and they have this scheme to do although I I you know. Colbert the safety is there really interesting player. I think he's sick a guy who's the most free safety like. They're team Adrian Covert they got them for a seventh round draft pick last year can see him develop. He's not Earl Thomas he's a really good player. You know could he fit it strong safety adding tart is the guy they'll look at that they are there a little bit thin at safety beyond those two I. When Earl thomas' name has come up in the off season always heard about it all year especially with Dallas. I've immediately lined up to the 49ers Bolton in finances in a scheme he could definitely play this cover three he's the best free safeties a sideline to sideline. Free safety tremendous instincts the fact that he does it undersized makes it even more impressive but he is a tremendous player for the raiders. I don't know where they haven't cap room at all and I've that's part of the issue with Kelly allow think they're gonna get toll on new money immediately that would be more for next year and beyond. But I just don't know if they have any cap space to do that you'd have to move some salary. Off the roster to accommodate a player like cam. But I it sounds like Earl Thomas make it traded between now living inning of the year and the 49ers would make an interest in dale and if you want to get him I'd be a little bit. Helped Erica she's affection player you have to really check out numbers that physically he's had some injury concerns are you willing to pay him a long term. Money going to be more guaranteed money for him that Richard Sherman got which is made a headline so yeah I think he fits more from the niners stamp point. With finances in scheme but he can play he can play. But I know a single high beta press man like talk but there's gonna play he's a terrific football players off the raiders have the room financially Abraham and. Greg Otto in this Iran 95 cent in the game what do you make of the new home rule we've only had one pre season games so far there were four calls to we're somewhat controversial. John Clayton this morning thinks it's gonna be a big problem for the league this year do you think they'll get this ironed out by week one are we looking at another tax rule this season. Fanatic and as the possibility joke I've taken a cultural away and Castro us still think there's at a recent controversy that down. I didn't see anything in the hall of fame game that I think wasn't warranted they're gonna air on the side of caution and Terry McCauley was in the Booth with NBC that night with Al Michaels Chris Collins worth an end and that Andy. Directive from park avenue is just black it. In a pre season have anything is close to us flag it. And it's just interesting that it's issued a defensive players have developed instincts for they dropped her head. And they're trying to protect them when they dropped their headlight dad and their their heads that the weight of their head goes down they go limp and the really vulnerable. To an injury and yet. It's the latest generation of player playing so fast. I think it's gotten into bad habits or he could coach of all you want it's just these guys have been playing football in all 18192021. Years some on an artist. They're there they've been built that way. So it's going to be an issue I think ticket of threw a flag get there a lot in the pre season anytime it's closely at a flag. And then the question is when they start for real coming up on September the sixth in Philadelphia place Atlanta. Do they rain and have a little bit I don't know you're just gonna have to feel it I think that the each to individual officiating crew was gonna have to really. Kind of go by the spirit of the rule and not so much read the the textbook letters and words and he. In the in the rules of how it's being laid out just kind of have to feel it. I think it has the possibility. Of years ago would baseball really clamped down on the balk rule. And for about half a year if it was just a balked at there was controversy every single day and night. And and they just kind of dropped it hit just what a way where they were not required a pitcher come do a complete stop because it was really. That's taken away the attention of the of the game. So we may have a little bit of that but it's all in the name of safety. I don't think anybody noticing as your question that's why got linebackers holding out that are uncertain about how much they're going to be fine in suspended I think there's no way of knowing. Shall we are entering in a China you know untapped territory we don't know all. And I just talking up from a defense that stamp planet where it really gets intriguing. Is an offense. Whenever a runner like Marshawn Lynch watched you know trucker guy like you did you rock Casey in the opener last year in Nashville was at present flag. If that plays flag that whole game slips the other way and have low you know you made a living on goal line short yardage in the NFL how do you do that. It's impossible it is a pop this will change the game this rule. If they allow this thing this stay. Random acts like you said you have to be automatically you dropped your head you lower your head you know I got to run and think about public put you had a helmet on. Put it on now hold your head at the retinal got. It's just it's it's not a natural body moving guys got a drop there minutes can be tough. So I can. Guys have been criticized for running high. You know early with the raiders are now in Minnesota. Adrian Peterson A-Rod Zhuhai and the I get down lower on the Golan look at down lower means lower your entire body in a or is talking about the back I don't know how would you call it in line play he made. You're gonna have to lead out comics I think you go into an NFL hole. Lol and and would have been flagged for leading with your helmet and your you try to do the shoulder but guys move and it doesn't always turn out that way I saw the hall of fame game many times reading guys were trying to lead with their shoulder and they got flag because the shoulder and a hitter so closely aligned but how many times in his. On my flight it a lead player put my money maker I said the amendment that it tablet category ready to tee and know. Question I'm Leibowitz my body's call fifty power. Let's. Greg Robb and joining us here I 957 game. What do you make of these initial depth charts that are released on team web sites Joshua Garnett is elicited the starting right guard. I know we're not supposed to read too much in this but the Garnett situation itself what do you think the future holds for him with the niners. Scarlett depth charts are silly that their ridiculous that they're made by the PR staff they are very simply. And last year a splashy free agent signing. You're gonna be lower on the depth chart and the guy that was there last year it's just football protocol it's the way they jump in the first day and then they all sorted out. When it's time to play and some of these positions were determined not gone back to the offseason OTA's and mini camps but there. They they need nothing you have cannot read into it at all is fire state niners right guard situation Jonathan Cooper. Is a proven commodity honestly it took them awhile to figure out it was a high pick and Arizona got traded debt. New England for Chandler John spell check out of fast you want to Cleveland moved Don I saw last year John Dallas play really above average left guard. He's a very good players coming off an injury chores and CEO last year niners got him reasonably cheap four million dollars and a one year deal. When he's healthy. He's just starting right guard I think and then you got to figure out what you do with Garnett his inability to be a swing at. Guard and be able to snap the ball will hurt him they've brought people in like Mike person who played for Kyle Shanahan before. That is that exact skill set teacher back up interior need to know swing tackle for the outside guys. And a guy can play inside on game day a lot of times yes seven linemen up to five that start a back up tackle and play at both ends of the backed up two guards and shattered. He wouldn't fit so if it goes the way it should go not Cooper is not healthy we'll see if he does now they'll play against Dallas she's just getting back. But I I would think Cooper would win that job. And they try to trade Garnett. Sometime in training camp these high draft pick there's not a lot of tape on them as far as regular season games. But anybody any and read a pro the personnel people that like Tim coming out of Stanford when he was drafted. Will likely like him again and just you know global globe will put them and our system it'll be different here we'll teach human co chairman. You've probably won't get a whole lot back I would think that you know maybe a fifth would be the best draft pick you could get five section a lot of you know goes far seven but you don't wanna cut the guy either so. If it ought to if everybody shot right up guard that's not healthy. Others say no surgery but you know he can't cut a hurt guys enough he goes on IR that he's gonna get paid the whole year like you did last year. But I think just looking at the things change over time but just based on what I saw last year Jonathan Cooper a better place. Catch him today noon to 3 PM would Vontae held Kirk Morrison will join them at. At 230 it's Greg Papa would this year on 957. The game thanks as always public Ford do it again later in the week Erica CI and talking on Thursday.
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