Ratto: Posey makes the percentage play

The Giants catcher has officially bowed out of 2020

Ray Ratto
July 09, 2020 - 8:46 pm
Ratto: Posey makes the percentage play

Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Buster Posey has been hedging his bets on 2020 all along, so his decision to let the year go on without him would not come easily.

Or maybe it would. After all, he's not an idiot. He's a family man, and his family  came  first. There was no second..

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Like everyone else, Posey has watched the people who run Major League Baseball try to run it right into a crowded hospital ward. At every turn since COVID-19 reared its nasty tendrils, Giant 28 has looked mildly askance at the process, or lack thereof. He has been more open and pointed in his critiques this year than ever, so the choice to call baseball on its bull probably wasn't that difficult after all. The botched tests, the lost tests, the non-tests, plus the general tone of negotiations that showed yet again that the men who run the sport don't actually care about the sport at all.

And Posey, who would be closer to anyone in any game in any ballpark than any of his teammates, decided that if they don't care about 2020, he'd be a fool to care more than them. He has other people to concern himself with, and they don't get tested every day.

And in sum, congratulations to him on showing the right combination of fingers. Playing a position that requires the absorption of punishment does not include the induction of a virus whose catalog of damage is still being counted. It's a lousy play to try, and Posey is absolutely correct to refuse the new equation. He should be followed by others by end pof business today.

His teammates would not begrudge him this choice. Indeed, maybe it will inspire others to choose the same path, and yes, inspiration would be the right word. Playing this season is essentially a foolish choice for any player who has one; there are those who don't have the money or the resume to opt out, and their choices should be respected, albeit fearfully.

Posey, though, has nothing to prove to anyone, least of all himself. Oh, he is proving to his family that some things matter more than a form of baseball run shabbily and with nobody's well-being in mind save the wallets of the owners. They surely approve.

And so should the rest of us. Posey has always been considered a bright and skilled player, and this choice reminds us that he's even brighter than even we thought.

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