The A’s are barreling into October and a playoff game in Oakland

Club has climbed to within 1 game of Yankees in the standings

Karl Buscheck
September 13, 2018 - 12:06 pm

The microcosm of the Oakland A’s magical 2018 came in the third inning on a Wednesday evening in Baltimore.

Facing baseball’s lousiest club, the A’s buried the 41-win Orioles with a 10-run frame. Lights out. That was it.

On a 15-hit night, the A’s won for the sixth time in as many games. They moved to 15-games over .500 — for the first time in 15 years. Here’s a nugget from the club’s communications staff: The A’s are 55-21 (.724) over their last 76 games dating back to June 16, which is the best record in the majors over that span.

Oh, and they’re just one game back of the Yankees for the top wild-card spot.

The chance of a wild-card showdown at the Coliseum — on Oct. 3 — is becoming more realistic by the day.

Let's not foget that the A's are also three games adrift of the Astros. So, a division crown is still there to be had. There are 16 games remaining, but none with the Astros.

Billy Beane is bleeping back. His once fading Moneyball star is, once again, shining brightly. The club’s executive VP of baseball ops took to the MLB Network airwaves on Thursday morning to drop some knowledge.

It was a fantastic stuff.

“The narrative that I’ve never really agreed with when it come to us, or maybe I’ll just (say) me, personally, ‘Oh all they do is trade away their players,'" Beane said.

“That’s not actually not true. When we’re in it, we trade for players. And when we’re out of it, we do trade. That’s just our existence and how (do it). We’re not going to be stagnant. We’re going to do something — proactively, one way or the other.”

“I think this year and past years, whenever we have a chance to make the playoffs, in our opinion, we will aggressively pursue players. And if we don’t, well then we’re going to try to find a combination that works.

“But we’re not really a club that’s organic. We’re a transaction-based team.”

Get those wild-card tickets ready. Because it’s looking increasingly likely that the A’s will be hosting the Yankees in short order.

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