As Raiders’ firesale rolls on, Amari Cooper for a 1st-round pick looks shrewd

Oakland sent one-time burgeoning star to Dallas Cowboys

Karl Buscheck
October 22, 2018 - 12:37 pm

Jon Gruden doesn’t often draw praise for his work as the Raiders’ shadow GM. And why should he?

After all, he’s the guy who sent out Khalil Mack, a future Hall of Famer, in his prime. But give Jon credit. He just made what looks like one savvy move.

Reggie McKenzie, the actual GM, also gets some credit here.

The Raiders now have an entire stockpile of top picks.

Sure, now Gruden has to hit on these picks? But a first-round pick for a receiver who’s no-showed the last season-and-a-half? A guy who's gone from a can't-miss emerging star to just another dude? That’s good value.

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