Susan Slusser on A's new arm and their push for the postseason

From the Sidelines: Slusser joins Gianna Franco to talk Fernando Rodney and more.

Gianna Franco
August 11, 2018 - 1:22 pm

USA Today

The Oakland Athletics bolstered up an already deep bullpen by acquiring closer Fernando Rodney from the Twins. Susan Slusser, who covers the A's for the SF Chronicle, joined Gianna Franco to talk about their new aquisition and how the A's are making a push towards the post season. From the sidelines is brought to you by Comcast Business

From the sidelines: Susan Slusser joins Gianna Franco

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Friday, August 10th

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She covers one of the hottest teams in baseball right now joining me is Susan's lesser athletics inside of from the SF Chronicle's Susan are you an Anaheim for the lightning just. I am kind of sad and I kept checking in that we. We speak. Oh okay well we've had beautiful weather here is so hopefully he'll take some of that with you down there and it's been a little you know Haiti from all the fires in Southern California or is it get okay go ahead. That would let cervical latest news from the opening is a Thursday night last night the eighth added Fernando Rodney to the pen tell me what he'll bring to the team. You don't look a bit unclear Gionta has eat eat he'd been a closer rate throughout blocked the carrier and all Eric each time and in the play out. For a time and it's gonna happen much Murray Q well let me see how he. He handled that he'd probably gonna be a little inning guy that helped you exactly. What they say they are dealing with when it comes the book and it is the monster would be there at all and I get that makes that occurred in up the potential shortcomings with the rotation. So do you generally like the men because in my opinion I had a pretty solid bullpen are ready. I am which you you know you never know what one group can be won that too many. I I don't tinker at that point ticket thing at you know for whatever reason it doesn't work out. You know it you about a million ticket just let him go that its not gonna hurt him too much they didn't give up really all that much fun to at a Chalmers is coming up at. Tommy John surgery he'd you know at some other issues during that I'm the the days though I think it's a pretty good about that said that the Internet that those ones that are now. Well I felt really good about season and I'm sure a lot of a's and do as well it looks and it feels like the a's are really making a push right now. They definitely are and I love look the commitment from the top of the outcome ownership election that. It'll art and ownership but not any money this year. They have been willing to pick up on an extra salary here with treatment after the deadline that pretty amazing though. Yeah really hit it back to get in that sense that it method either of the players as well. And I think it's been really fun also is that it's just been a great team to watch on the field we're seeing more fans show up at the ballpark and I feel like this team is ahead of schedule than what they thought anyway. I would definitely stepped. And had a net you know somebody who's in that case that like my. I want to control our necks they're technically Fernando right here if they're not and it's you know get it opening. Potentially wouldn't pick out. You know it it could not just but I see a picture I think that the they'd take it easy for quite sometime common scene. So we're not to see what tapping an album more of the future of what the eighth could be. Exactly exactly there is you're a little lucky well. So I read jet at Lowry is dealing with some late issues recently he took a couple of day games off I believe how you doing will he be a 100% are ready to go for this weekend's series. Well then it's really expensive leg work out he wasn't able to see her a couple of weeks yet that at collision. Would you got it right before the all star break you know of course he got a lot of traveling at the ouster rickety went back and what I'm mark and is great. And I see you don't look at that store are and that it was quite do other things he does. ER for a long time about how all of its immediate ability comes from your leg the so any better interior. Setback in ability we'll complete work out and eat them a little bit. It also a creature of habit looked at thirteen and it just subtle Lama kind of a messing with his achievement and it's not a hit happy camper so. I think he's back to it usually does and I'll let you need to get back on track the way he'd like. Well that's it here because he's been to one of my favorite players who watches yours is to see you know him make the all star game and to be back in action have. A pretty successful year it's been great to watch and see him get back kind of on track. Absolutely area and I think that's coming up and then I am. You know you look at Alabama line up and that all of the answer real professional hitters step like and I are kind of pick chapter and now let you know. You know maybe the most aid most colorful team ever let that get the job done and that's that really acting oh I'm of that at the script and. What the unity that's all that matters right getting in the way and I don't their rigs are heading to rack rate and to think that the W. Our eyes the a's play the angels tonight and that they might fetch a bit of a break it looks like Mike Trout to the DL with right wrist inflammation. Yes they I know they had been hopeful that he would be back for this weekend's series certainly expect is not the case. Nobody is ever going to be complain about missing about Clara based. You beat them into account that come off a sweep so. The tigers even without Trout. The tigers are down we know it the other on the not a great team. But still the that they Angel penis at 500 in a very tough position so I don't think it can't get any approach every app my. Sitting at the three games against the angels and then they're back home on a Monday they host the Mariners and then the Astros come to town so consider the standings are at this moment. I Philly next week the homestand is something we really need to lean in and pay attention to you. Absolutely it's vital and I think that people are thinking about. Coming up to keep them based up sometime at the could be attempted do that they're going to be good matchup errant boat is really important period is eat that. Maintain their lead over the manner the minister I wanna gain some ground on you look at it really. Our time for them do that he does things that might have you got on the DL so he had the sit next week or so is going to be a real EP AC. So coming up and a couple weeks at the nickname. For players weekends and will be out RD release some of the names for the days and so forth DUC isn't have a nickname. You know I've got several months and the caught up there left they that's what that's what I usually got an attempt and that the outlook with the little weird but you know. Whatever topic I respond to all of them. It don't do not commie is Beers there. OK okay it's Susan 100%. Got it I understand ID add everyone goes from guiana to gee I don't mind G. But I don't get college money G this year that aren't. Crazy this just takes an hour. Senator that or is it your you got it does Suze is OK okay. I like the idea of players weekend with the nicknames on the Jersey I think it's a lot of fun. I you know what I I keep it doesn't bother me first say I you know epidemic they reckon and I kind of funny at about what. I think other guys don't put a lot of effort into it is it a little bit of a mixed bag. I'm not sure the coaches love it and I see it at all or creation other nicknames to itself. That's actually a little bit on the funny but I'm captured a much thought love and great about having Novella about yours be Eric creek area fact that. You know if that's the way they unfurled great players like kind of reflect I think in every bit a bit but in both eighty players really that. You know whatever little little more traditionally a. Little sums of that here and there because I know there's been a lot of conversations this year about infuse seen more heavy younger audience you've fallen eat emptied into based on skater to fall in love it or. So yeah I like that helps with that just a bit other I I do understand I can see how managers may not be on board. I think captured at Charlotte as a as a manager drop on other players in and I'm gonna think there are few the higher up shelters might or might. The early. They have nowhere and then I'm out. That's definitely well have a big time in Anaheim thank you so much for joining me and everyone you can find seasons lesser on social media which could handle. At it as isn't Fuzzy there. If you love the eighth if you love baseball she is a must follow and definitely you'll dozen or so I learn something every single time I open wonder article. You are and I that they cut bank you know at a little clip that you. Not think he's inhibitor enemy out that he. Whether it's taking you behind the scenes of our shows or in doing your favorite athlete I need a lot of band with for these large files. Hey it's out of Franco and I do not have time for slow Internet. Meeting a deadline can be demanding and that's why Comcast business is the perfect solution with Comcast business I'm downloading twenty times faster than I used to do so I can bring the stories and interviews to use that much faster you can find these stories and interviews that 97 the game dot com slash sidelines Comcast business.


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