Nick Young says Kevin Durant could ‘get a little soft sometimes’ with the media

Ex-Warrior joined 95.7 The Game for a memorable call-in

Karl Buscheck
July 11, 2019 - 10:00 am

Nick Young, the jovial ex-Warrior and self-styled Swag Champ, dropped by “The Damon Bruce Show” with Ratto and Kolsky on Wednesday evening as part of the Celebrity Call-in Contest

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He did not disappoint.

Young hit on a variety of noteworthy topics, including one Kevin Durant, the new Net. In the interest of maintaining context, here’s the direct transcription of Damon’s question and Young’s reply:

DAMON: Nick, did you get to know Kevin Durant well when he was here? What did you think of Kevin Durant? Was he easy to hang out with? Light-hearted guy or did he carry like a cloud over him at times?

YOUNG: Ah nah. KD’s cool. You know, we came in together. We was the same draft and everything. So, I know him for a while. But he could get a little, get a little timid a little bit with the media, you know? He could let them get to him, get a little soft sometimes. But still, KD’s one of the best players ever. 

The exchange begins at the 25:31 mark in the pod below:

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