Nick Wright calls out Warriors, says Zaza is ‘single dirtiest player’ in NBA

FS1 host goes after Golden State center in wake of Russ fall

Karl Buscheck
February 27, 2018 - 1:34 pm

FS1’s Nick Wright is none too pleased with the NBA’s decision to forgo fining or suspending Zaza Pachulia after the Warriors center fell on top of reigning MVP Russell Westbrook on Saturday night.

Wright joined Colin Cowherd on “The Herd” on Tuesday morning and launched into an extended rant, calling out the Georgian center, the Warriors franchise and the NBA at large.

“Zaza is a skill-less goon with no place in this league,” Wright said. “The NBA decided they couldn’t prove the intent, so they didn’t fine or suspend him. The Warriors could have sat him and they should have.”

Wright said he has no problem with hard fouls, but insisted that flopping on top of Westbrook, who was already on the ground, is not a “basketball move.”

“There is no place in the league for Zaza Pachulia,” Wright continued. “And I will say to the Warriors here what I said this morning, you’ve got two MVPs, you’ve got 73 wins, you’ve got the best-shooting backcourt ever, you’ve got the greatest stretch of regular season success in the history of the sport, why do you need him?”

“You’re light-years ahead. Remember, everybody? Joe Lacob, Bob Myers, Steve Kerr. You’re smarter than everyone. You’re faster than everyone. You’re better (at) shooting than everyone. You’re better looking than everyone.”

“Why do you need this goon? Why do you need Zaza Pachulia? Because he’s 223rd in the NBA in point? And you just can’t make do without him? It is embarrassing to the league that the marquee franchise employs and encourages the single dirtiest player in the league.

(via @TheHerd)

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