NFL Week 2: What’s Cookin’ in Fantasy Football — presented by Friedmans Appliance

Joe, Lo & Dibs bring you all the fantasy football insights you could ask for

Joe, Lo & Dibs
September 13, 2018 - 1:30 pm

There is no better way to get that lineup locked in and ready to go than with “What’s Cookin’ in Fantasy Football.” Joe, Lo & Dibs tee up Yahoo Sports’ Brad Evans to help you get that fantasy W each and week.

Week 2 of the NFL schedule is nearly upon. Everything you need is below.

Week 2: What's Cookin in Fantasy Football

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, September 13th
Yahoo Fantasy Football Expert, Brad Evans joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to answer any and all of your Fantasy Football questions. 

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What's cooking with fantasy football has brought you by Freeman's appliance a trusted name in the Bay Area since 1922. Ladies and gentlemen we go to the phones to welcome in one of our favorites the great Brad Evans fantasy expert Yahoo! fantasy sports with us here on 957. The game goes. Happy tequila Thursday how are you my friend. At last we give those Eagles falcons tonight kids Bengals ravens on me. I need on the how much tequila do I need to get through this game scale where it is tonight's match up rank. Half a bottle Don Julio Guzman and the good stuff the idea a hotel go with that you know that the silver editing of that nature yeah I mean you definitely have to break out. The price here Mexican love juice tonight but I will say this I like this that any dangles and in terms of you know against the spread out there getting a point or at home coming off a victory against Indianapolis Colts I think this all that is back on track a particular bet a back step. Last season and a job Nixon's really the key cog in and I understand it T sizzle and Williams and this front line of the Baltimore Ravens a bunch of main leaders there in the trenches. But you know is is buffalo really inappropriate measuring stick. I don't think so I think she'll Nixon's get a C vigorous workload. I hammered the overall battle lie god AG at 65 and a half rush yards I think it's going to be Hampton fantasy results for him just based on volume alone. I try not AJ green with confidence. The quarterbacks in the occupied some suitable alternatives maybe like a piece Tina this week what against the raiders. Or knicks bulls go to gets banged up secondary of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Pride in terms of Baltimore's receivers not a huge Michael Crabtree fan just because he's so touchdown dependent. And I think it's secondary all the Cincinnati Bengals a top thirty units. But watch out for nick Boyle sold six targets last week operating at the tide in position. He can be the new Dennis panda or Todd Heap for Joseph Flacco and we saw all the struggles at Cincinnati at try to contain Eric. Dan give a year owner of lethal inflection good morning I'm back Cam Newton against Atlanta or Jimmy G against Detroit which would like oh wow that's a tough line I. I would still err on the side of Cam Newton I understand that Jimmy your rob Lowe's got as sensational match up in the pencil behind the here. A map which are you getting shorter twice rest behind the year. But I think you know if you're looking Cam Newton or his his or is always still high because the scoring duality is ability to make plays at his legs he scored rushing touchdown last week. I had a tremendous about a success against Atlanta the other key here is that the latest missing Deion Jones peeking out O'Neal and that linebacker corps they are emaciated. In that area of the field yes your thought and out burger a pretty darn good secondary. But I could see Campbell really picking apart this defense of the mill the field with who I the pride of Stamford Christian McCaffery still slighted banter Camden but both these guys are top ten options. Brad Evans Yahoo! fantasy sports joining us our 957 game if you wanna get down the number is triple eight. 957. 9570 triple 89579. Events and he we will put you through to go but the one thing we asked. Keep it concise and buttoned up one question which I'm above eighty hear about your whole scoring structures before we go to the phones and it's got a question as well for you go out. I go outside and the owner of go off with his head now I lay beyond bell yes. I have now laid on the house I'm in trouble with the running backs right now I kicked about from Morris on waivers how does he compare this week compared to last again and I have Chris Carson and Jordan Wilkins which do what to do I go with the running back. AC rule number one was what will the remote I want question immediate violation but whistle pleaded and we don't have to fly. Ever attend which stood like go join look at Albert Moore is Urquhart cars. I would. Actually go without offered more is the leader not I think Chris Karstens gets its role ratchet up you know Pete Carroll at said that at this week but he always lies through his teeth you know were shot petty last week had one more touch but certainly still think Carson against a Denver Broncos. Difficult matchup on the road against much you can go Beers in colonial back. Were still reeling from back gut wrenching loss to air Rogers the comeback for the ages still offer Boris and it did it's Patricia. He's put the defense he couldn't stop that that's the sort of people who Rodham. So I think horse got to get primarily on both the work inside the reds are getting it back on track after that costly fumble a near the goal line last week in Minnesota that he scores. And accumulates around sixty combined yards in this. Barton San Jose you are on with the goat Bart in San Jose fire away. Hey guys how are big fans out Brad I met you a few years ago it Levi's stadium and Yahoo!. And build up to move out of I've got a question where I have no Gordon starting at my age wide receiver and till Lindy. Is it worth picking up a cooler off my waiver wire and starting him at RB Jew and had two RBQ guarding. In the same week. I would still go accord at wide receiver Josh Gordon of course you Jackson just came out and said that yet we need to get him more target to a sell three last week of course the wine. Of those targets was his only catch and it was a man's catch for a touchdown this and that game into overtime and audience Marshall allowed more so licking his wounds are getting torched like a crimp brew lay against Mike Evans there and all the by you I think Josh Gordon's and for a monster we could be his first hundred your game of the season. And if he had to make a choice between either all cynical or bodily tacklers public coffee table for my Kia or Phil wouldn't trade the I actually go with Lindsay here I think both these scripts are going to be very positive for either running back. But I think when he's gonna see probably a little bit more workload maybe 1415. Touches of what he had last week in and Royce Freeman working at that time shared a chance for seventy combined yards and a score for the rookie. Cholera Joseph Alameda Joseph thanks circle on the program you're on with the goat fire away. What was going on guys they got a sixteen team where Meehan and I have a bunch Weyrich here they need them now have guy holiday budget. Are on. Chris Godwin and Fuller. And I have to. Who are receivers and in my like party app Carlo apartment and keep them there I think. Out what do I need the what do I do. Well that person form let's go to a gala day you know I do appreciate the secondary. That the six to forty niners and and Whitmore in Sherman there I think they're going to be a top fifteen unit at a minimum the gala day. God has a lot of trust right now that you Stafford pepper were targets last week against the jets and had a furious attempt to actually make it respectable score which showed they failed miserably at that alliance by the holiday. Going to be break out candidate this season of the the good times gonna keep our role Alec DeVon punches. Never win Greg Olsen was sidelined last year weeks three through eleven thought this was wide receiver 22 infinity points per game output. I've mentioned it the issues at linebacker across the middle the field. Given his length given his size he's got to stick out like this or throb that so worth on the net ten to fifteen. Yard range for Cam Newton so I think he has the advantage there over the other options though I think a lot of these guys and a similar boat. And god when it Fuller's healthy of course he's a threat to score every single time knowing the images shot want to have that romance on the field left coast Mike San Francisco left coast might urology note fire away. No matter. Jewelry. Or not why Sarah. Why why you chairing two quarterbacks that's my question first and former to get a trade what those guys I go or Drew Brees look. Yeah get back to that thirty touchdown black tell which is elusive for him last season and the first time in ten years he did not across. That threshold but BI big Brees he's my number one quarterback this week. I personally love the matchup against the Cleveland Browns. You know Denzel wore a very tout a guy a couple of picks last week a very impressive across the board I think Cleveland is getting at least an average second area when the dust settles from January on all the numbers. The breeze at home he's usually money in the bank and that over under sitting at 522 highest in the board this week. The wise guys in Vegas no follow the total and follow Drew Brees. Isn't Belmont Bruce thanks to the phone call urology go viral and. Hey guys I need to start you sit too. I have appear dark side and Bernhard howl from New Jersey. Cooper crop in Chris Hogan. Well you just sit first and foremost Chris Hogan drawing Jalen Ramsey and that starts secondary that Jacksonville Jaguars and Hogan barely made it. Last week. I got its perpetually overrated and that doesn't get enough of the target share really wore it to must start every single week I would deathly bench and based on the matchup alone. And out and then show all hall halt here gore salt. I guess I don't like Mexicans and why did you BG's gonna get back on track I just prefer Cooper cup. Who was really a money dad Jericho off at a premium match or beat its Arizona I think he's gonna see a lot of Patrick Peterson working underneath. And boom boom Powell I think he's got a second to home this week and your jets and home against Miami. As the dolphins are. What we shall we say sub optimal in terms of run defense he saw what Dion Lewis a players similar skill set is below Powell did against them last week. At a bill pals got a good shot 87 combined yards Eddie's gore so again cup and all pol or my options Steve minute delay though Stephen thanks to the phone call your own to go fire away. I yet what do I start Aaron Rodgers and marquis did when my back get our car in both William. From the chargers and I'm. Guys are gonna start aired riders like. This is your gamesmanship. By Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers not Rogers says he's not gonna practice today. Rodgers now throughout yesterday I may or may not play Mike McCarthy's like Bogut picked this date today. Rogers who look like he was. Out of that a little bit you gets and that interview after the game on Sunday night and that the heroic come from behind victory against the bears. Said he's going to play he's going to play felt OK and let's they've amputate his leg of not reported it to us. He is going to be all the field against Minnesota Vikings are deathly trotted out there now different scenario for mark he's good when. Touching go what that he's gonna be available could be dot tape pettis stepping into that role and seeing a massive target shared a favorable matchups. Against a lie and sell it could wind goes you play him if not any lead on Michael last one Eric San Jose Eric thanks to the phone call you're on the goat. David go out on got a big Camby present. Kyrie as we go with young gun mojo or are due out Troy. I understand you BG is dreamy. And handsome we all what do you know stare longingly in his eyes for hours on end but how the sexiness of Patrick my homes. And the numbers that he put on the board last week at nine point five YE PA. Would you have a dash for the incredible that's what Tyreke Chile is. All on your roster you've got trot about they're pretty much week to week I said it was going to be a break up performers this season he proved that we want against a stout secondary the LA chargers. And now you're playing any game against Pittsburgh which has an over runner up 53. Its highest of the board load up all your cheese put up all of your Steelers in this one it's gonna be issued out of fear I would not be at all surprised at homes by the until three or more times once again here in week to catch him on Twitter at. At Yahoo! noisy is the best in the business fantasy expert extraordinary for Yahoo! finishes boards Brad Evans with us on 9570 game. Thank you very much goat enjoy your tequila Thursday.


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