The newest Warrior shares a lot of similarities with Draymond Green

Golden State picks up versatile wing, Jacob Evans, with the No. 28 pick

Mychael Urban
June 21, 2018 - 9:22 pm

Not an elite scorer. Jack of all trades. High motor. Versatile defender. Crazy-high basketball IQ. 

Sound familiar?

Mind you, nobody is going out of their way to compare Jacob Evans, the Warriors’ first-round pick (28th overall) out of Cincinnati, to Draymond Green. 

But if you replace the former’s name with the latter’s in much of what you read about Evans prior to the 2018 NBA draft, it’s by no means a stretch. 

And considering Green was more than a token presence in the Dubs’s draft room in the runup to Thursday, at the very least you have to figure Day Day saw some similarities and approves of the pick. 

Evans, a 6-foot-6, 200-pound junior wing for the Bearcats in 2017-18, was considered a key cog of the NCAA’s second-best defense. That, and his many Green-like qualities, fits the Warriors culture and philosophy almost perfectly. 

He’s not a lights-out shooter from deep, but he’s certainly no slouch: he hit 41.8 percent from beyond the arc as a sophomore before regressing to 37 percent as a junior, and scouts think there’s upside there. And with his impeccable defensive reputation, he’s that “Three-and-D” prospect for which virtually every team in the league is looking. 

“He’s kind of the modern NBA wing — versatile, tough and a high-character kid," said Bob Myers, the club's president of basetball ops/GM.

Bleacher Report’s draft breakdown of Evans suggested he’d be a good bet to crack his new team’s rotation as a rookie. That was written, of course, before he went to the warriors, who is rotation appears to be very nicely set, thank you very much.

That said, it would be unwise to limit anyone whom the Warriors brain trust values highly enough to add to their cohesive mix. After all, it’s not like anyone had Green pegged for a starting role, much less morphing very quickly into someone many consider a future Hall of Famer.

Green was so heavily involved in Golden State draft process this year that Myers said he’s never seen anything like it from a player. Green spent up to five hours a day at the facility, watching tape and exchanging thoughts with the staff. 

After the Warriors picked Evans, head coach Steve Kerr was the first member of the staff to give him a call. Kerr ended up passing the phone to Green, the new draft consultant.

"I don't know what they said to each other," Myers said. "But I imagine that was interesting."

Myers was familiar with Green's assessment of Evans' second pre-draft workout on Wednesday at club headquarters.

"This kid knows how to play," Myers said, recalling Green's appraisal. "That's a compliment. That's a high compliment."

So Green signed off on Evans. Isn’t that more than enough to give the youngster the benefit of the doubt?

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