NBA season win totals hit the board in Las Vegas

Defending champion Golden State opens at 67.5 wins

Joe Fortenbaugh
August 29, 2017 - 5:11 pm

Despite the fact that it has been accomplished only one time in the franchise’s storied history, the Golden State Warriors will need to win 68 games this season in order for “over” tickets to cash in Las Vegas.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook released their 2017-2018 NBA season win totals and, not surprisingly, listed the defending champion Dubs at the top of the heap with an astounding line of 67.5 wins.

For those who are new to this concept, season win total wagering works just like an over/under bet. You could either bet on the Warriors to go “over” 67.5 wins or “under” 67.5 wins. If Golden State wins 68 or more games, the “over” pays out. If the Dubs win 67 or fewer contests this season, “under” tickets would win.

67.5 is a surprisingly high number for Golden State considering the fact that the franchise won exactly 67 games in each of its two recent championship seasons.

The Chicago Bulls, who are in full tank mode this season, bring up the rear at 21.5 wins.

Teams of note include the Los Angeles Lakers (33.5) and Minnesota Timberwolves (48.5).

And how about the Philadelphia 76ers? Despite having won 35 or fewer games in each of the last six seasons, Philly opened with an astounding win total of 42.5.

For “over” bets to cash on the Sixers, Philadelphia would have to produce its best regular season record since the 2004-2005 campaign.

2017-2018 NBA season win totals

Golden State Warriors: 67.5

Boston Celtics: 56.5

Houston Rockets: 55.5

San Antonio Spurs: 54.5

Cleveland Cavaliers: 53.5

Oklahoma City Thunder: 51.5

Minnesota Timberwolves: 48.5

Toronto Raptors: 48.5

Milwaukee Bucks: 47.5

Washington Wizards: 47.5

Denver Nuggets: 45.5

Los Angeles Clippers: 43.5

Miami Heat: 43.5

Charlotte Hornets: 42.5

Philadelphia 76ers: 42.5

Portland Trail Blazers: 42.5

Utah Jazz: 40.5

New Orleans Pelicans: 39.5

Detroit Pistons: 38.5

Memphis Grizzlies: 37.5

Dallas Mavericks: 35.5

Los Angeles Lakers: 33.5

Orlando Magic: 33.5

Indiana Pacers: 31.5

New York Knicks: 30.5

Brooklyn Nets: 28.5

Phoenix Suns: 28.5

Sacramento Kings: 28.5

Atlanta Hawks: 25.5

Chicago Bulls: 21.5

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